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Friday, September 30, 2005


Am I turning into a hermit? It almost seems like it. Moss is starting to grow on my north side. ;) At least during the weekdays. Yesterday, I went to help Lydia for a little while at the office. Today, I did finally go to town and supermarket. Only because I had to. I f i n a l l y got the package mailed to my two little granddaughters in Florida. And I crocheted the flower I wanted to use as a sort of 'pin' on my shawl that I finished several days ago. I wanted it to be a rose, but it turned out like a big daisy. ;/ Other than that, it was just take care of the animals, and watch my tv shows - Martha, in the morning, and Survivor, CSI (the original series), and ER at night. Oh, and this morning I noticed the front door knob was really, really loose - practically hanging. So I fixed it by using a table knife to tighten the screws back in. Boring? Not really. Not to me anyway. I love it. I guess I'll go see if I can find a place to spread out my shawl and photograph it. Since it is dark blue, and the sofa and carpet are both dark too, I'll have to spread out a sheet to lay it on. Then I think I'll go through the movie shelf and see if there are any more I can get rid of.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


This was taken at our cabin on the Fourth of July 2005. Stewart was home from Kuwait, and getting ready to go to Baghdad. Front, left to right: Reagan(29), Chuck(59), Stewart(34). Back, left to right: Garrett(25) and Andrew(23)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I got some more mail art today in response to my pumpkin/jack-o-lantern mail art call. The great postcard on the left, on top of the pretty envelope, is from Brenda K. Thanks!!! The other pieces of art there are ones I have done. And oops! - I forgot my ATC, too. Oh, well - another time.
Nothing too exciting today. I had to go to town again, like most days. I got several emails from Stewart (oldest son). He wants me to send him Bounce Fabric Softener sheets, some strip insulation stuff and some caulk and a caulking gun. He is working in Baghdad, and says he is tired of the sand and light coming in his room while he is trying to sleep. He works nights and sleeps days. I asked him what he wanted the Bounce sheets for, and he said to make his clothes soft and smell good. The ones in the PX, he doesn't like. Picky! ;) Sheesh, I don't even use fabric softener. LOL!

Monday, September 26, 2005


Here is the mail art I received today. THANKS, Anne, Corazon, Vicki, and Alex!!! We hadn't had mail service in 5-6 days. When Hurricane Rita was first predicted to hit here, all of the area coastal counties were under mandatory evacuation, so no mail, no banking, no services etc. until today.
Today was a nice dull day. ;) I had banking to do, a money transfer, and license plate renewal, plus a trip to Walmart to get some supplies for the classrooms at church. I met Amy and Mathieu for a late lunch at Jalisco Taqueria. That's about it!


Cute or not? I say yes, but Carl (our dog) says, NO! Our youngest son, Andrew, came over today to do some weedeating, and brought Buddha along. He wants to play with Carl so bad, but is so boisterous. Carl, being 7, is not interested anyway. He had to put him in his place several times.
The junior high and high school class went very well this morning. I was pleased. We were pretty short-handed, though, because so many people evacuated and haven't returned yet.
I babysat Zachary and Mathieu for about five hours again this afternoon/evening. How did I ever manage with 5 children of my own? Two just about do me in, now. Of course, with my own, they went to bed early and had a regular day to day schedule.
Chuck's oldest brother called tonight to see if we were okay, or feeling any effects of Hurricane Rita. Then later, one of his sisters called too. My sister, Jan, called to say that they were okay. The phone service was just restored, but they were still without power and had been for two days, so far. The Lake Livingston dam, where they are (Coldspring) was starting to give, and everyone below it had been evacuated, but fortunately, the dam held. Thankfully, their house is above the dam. They are anxious to check on their house in Houston, too, but feel like it is fine. There were very few areas affected by power outages, and that is the only thing they are worried about - any perishible food. My nephew in Houston is fine - no power outages or anything. And my niece and her family in Louisiana are doing fine. A short power outage and lots of rain, but that's it. However, I do have a feeling we are not through with bad ones this season, yet.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


This is Mathieu, our youngest grandchild. The photo was taken in June. I kept him today from about 3pm - 8pm. We colored, cut paper shapes, (I taught him how to hold the scissors correctly.), made paper airplanes, constructed balance beams and wobbley see-saw type beams. He was remarkably good at balancing on them. With the blocks, he built houses and castles for 'Woody' the cowboy figure, and ramps and bridges for the cars. We read books - his favorites here, being an I Spy book and artist George Rodrique's 'Blue Dog Man' - LOL! We also went outside where he explored, played on the swing set, pushed my garden storage/seat thing-on-wheels around, while I fed the cats, rabbit and Carl, and watered flowerbeds and pots. We didn't once turn on the tv, and only got into one arguement where I had to point out the time-out chair. LOL! He loves dragging EVERYTHING out, but hates picking anything up. I cooked dinner and he ate before he left, then Zachary came and ate too. Zach spends each Saturday night here, but he got here so late tonight, that we didn't get to do anything except talk, watch a movie, and go to Dairy Queen for ice cream. He read a little when the movie was over, but is asleep now.
So now I am preparing some extras for tomorrow morning's junior high class - a couple of games and activities to go with the lesson. I'm looking forward to it.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Lots bothering me...
1. XX XXXXXX XXXXXX - more spewing.
2. Her planting suspicions about XXXXXXXXXXXXX...what they think about XXXXXXX.
4. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX's situation and safety.
5. Picky little unimportant thing that I am embarrassed to even mention.

Highlights of my day:
1. Evening Mass
2. Talking with Zach and playing Pictionary with him.

Impossible daydreams:
1. Signing over my share of XXXXXXXXXXXXX and being OUT of it.
2. Moving far, far away...Croatia? Ireland? Poland? Italy? HA!

1. Never let my guard down.
2. "Offer it up." Yes, really.
3. Save money, get stuff done myself, and take whatever consequences.
4. Wait at least a week before making a decision to give up this blog.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Hurricane Rita turned in a more northerly direction, so we didn't need to evacuate after all. I haven't been able to reach my sister, Jan, and brother-in-law from Houston for several days. Also tried calling my niece and her family in Louisiana, and can't get through there either. Worrisome...! The last I heard, my nephew was going to stay in Houston, and Jan and her DH were going to take his daughters with them if they had to leave. But, no word at all... I have a feeling they are stuck on the freeway somewhere. :/ There were reports of people being on the freeway for up to 18 hours, and cars running out of gas after only a few miles of movement and hours of wait.
Then ************ called me at 10pm from *********************************** was somewhere where ***** couldn't keep sight of ***. The phone connection was really bad, and we got cut off once, so I couldn't get all the details and *** couldnt get everything I was saying. I am so worried. I told *** to look around **** and BE CAREFUL, that a lot of the people might not be safe, and to stay right with ******************. Couldnt hear what the problem with that was... When I think of **** with all those people, so late at night, probably many of them drunk, I am so sad and scared.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


I don't know how well this too-dark photo will show, but it is a picture of our dog, Laverne, and her son, Hot Dog, (also on the couch) right after we got them in early January. The large dog in front of the sofa, looking at Laverne, is Carl. It was a rescue, and Hot Dog went to live with my grandsons. Laverne was my dog. She died today, and I am very, very sad.
If we evacuate tomorrow, which right now, is the plan, I won't be writing anything here until we return. Chuck is staying here with our cats and rabbit, and ours and our son's horses, goats and dogs. Carl (our dog) and I, and our son and his family are heading southwest, to a city where Chuck (DH) has an apartment, since he is working there currently.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


That is the title of this APC (artist's post card). It's one I drew several months ago.
I have some mail art in progress, and now I'm wishing I had gotten farther along with them by now, so I could have gotten them well on their way before the hurricane comes. It is pretty definate that we will get some effects from Rita, but how severe depends on how close to us it makes landfall. It was predicted for a direct hit, but the latest has it coming in maybe 60 miles north of us. Of course, it could change several times before Friday afternoon. Prayers are welcome!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Isn't this a great mixture of mail art? EPF sent me some neat stuff, including some more Fluxus Bucks. And Pati is the first responder to my Pumpkin and Jack-o-Lantern mail art call. CUTE atc, Pati! ;) THANKS to both of you!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2005


Okay, this ATC from months ago has nothing to do with anything that happened today, but I forgot to take a photo, and nothing out of the ordinary happened to jog my memory.
Mass this morning was wonderful. The church was full, and pre-school and elementary classes were busy and productive. Adelfa called right before I left the house, and said she wouldn't be able to teach this morning, because her mother called her in a panic. Her mother had two brothers and their families come in from Louisiana and she was cooking breakfast for them all, and trying to get them settled in. So Adelfa got Norma to substitute for her, and was going to help her mother.
We had several new registrations again this morning, and the Sotos served a delicious sausage and egg taco breakfast to all the students. The high school-junior high class was non-existant AGAIN this morning. This is the 4th Sunday of classes*****************...but, I really don't think that's going to happen.
I think I'll end up taking the junior high students on Sunday mornings, but it'll be difficult to have class and tend to director duties. And we'll have to squeeze into my office and have class there, albeit with interruptions. But at least it will be consistant. And anyone needing to talk to me longer than about 1 minute will have to come back after class time. Maybe I will just have to extend my time, to be in my office an extra half hour to an hour. Actually, I am pretty optimistic about the whole idea. At least it is a definate plan. And if something happens and the high schoolers are there, and there is no class for them, I'll include them too, and I guess we'll have to move to the conference room and Tony will have to hold down my office until after class. ;)

Sunday, September 18, 2005


This morning was the dedication of the new grotto. I took several photos, but the others with more people in them blocked too much of the grotto, so I am using this one of Mr. and Mrs. Casarez since the shrine and most of the flowers show.
Everything went beautifully. Here is the story of the grotto from the back of the program with only the identifying names and places left out.
During the years of WWII, with all the young men and some of the young women gone off to serve their country, the parents, wives, children - indeed all of their relatives and friends - worried about their safety. The parishioners made a prayerful promise that if, through the mercy of God and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, they all returned home safely, a grotto would be built in thanksgiving. The war eventually ended and families were reunited. Remarkably, not one of those serving was lost, and so the parishioners bought the beautiful statue you see today, and built a stone grotto between the church and hall, as a place of prayer and remembrance.
In the late ‘40s and early 50's a young girl, Jo Nell XXXXX, from San Antonio, would look forward to the end of the school year, when she would spend happy summers with her grandparents, John and Olga (XXXXX) XXXXX, in XXXXXXX. Jo Nell attended Mass in XXXXXXX with her beloved grandmother Olga, and having a special devotion to the Blessed Mother, would often pray at the grotto. In later years, she married Jack XXXXXXXXXXXX and eventually moved with her husband to Illinois.
Sometime during the ‘60s, the grotto, which apparently had never been inscribed as a memorial, except in the hearts and memories of the people, was demolished and the statue was moved to a place inside the covered entrance to the new parish hall. Soon after that, it was practically forgotten, being out of the way, and it was only some of the parishioners from that time that remembered the statue as a memorial to the XXXXXXX veterans.
In later years Jo Nell would visit the original homestead in XXXXXXX, wanting her family to know their Texas and XXXXXXX roots, and on one such visit lamented to her husband about the loss of the grotto and the obscure location of the statue. In 1988 Mr. XXXX XXXXX bought the homestead and immediately became close friends with the family. There was special bonding in particular with Jo Nell who still continued to visit XXXXXXX regularly with her family. December 2003 brought great sadness to the family and Mr.XXXXX when Jo Nell died suddenly. The family came to XXXXXXX in October 2004 to bury her ashes next to her father's grave in Evergreen Cemetery. It
was then that they visited the Church and Jack mentioned to XXXX how Jo Nell had felt about the loss of the original grotto and how he would like to look into building a new grotto as a memorial to his wife of 46 years, and move the statue back out into the open.
The family asked Mr. XXXXX to design the grotto and he started the process of securing approvals for building it. He also supervised the construction which was done by XXXXXX XXXXXXX Concrete Contractor of XXXXXXX. In August 2005 construction was completed; the statue was treated with special rosins, epoxies and sealers in an effort to restore it to its original appearance and protect it from the elements. Other concrete attributes, specially selected to carry out the simple, classic design of the grotto, were similarly treated. Nothing has been left to chance and even the location of the grotto centered in front of the fanned branches of the tree behind it is part of the overall design. Landscaping and lighting will be added later this year. Mr. XXXXX suggested the granite marker read in tribute, rather than memorial, so that XXXXXXXX veterans, past, present and future, would be included.
The grotto, a gift to our Church and the answer to many hopes and prayers, will become a landmark for XXXXXXX at Immaculate Conception Church for all people to see and appreciate for years to come. It is a lasting and fitting tribute, a place for prayer and meditation, and a thing of beauty for our community.

Friday, September 16, 2005


This is the broccoli mushroom salad I made a little while ago. Now it has to marinate overnight in the refrigerator so it will be ready for the parish covered dish lunch tomorrow. I'm also making chicken salad sandwiches and ham salad sandwiches, but can't spread those until in the morning. Tomorrow is the dedication of the new/old shrine. The bishop will be here to celebrate Mass with us, and then, there is a meal afterwards.
Today was a long, but satisfying day. I FINALLY went in to the medical building and got the gross lab work done. I have a phobia about needles in my veins, and today I had to get three of them. I had to fast from midnight, go in and have them draw 3 vials of blood, go eat breakfast, wait an hour, come back and they'd do it again...then wait another hour and do it a third time. YUCK! But I am so relieved that it is over. The anticipation and dread is always a lot worse than the actual thing. I also had to go to the supermarket, the bank, etc. So I got a lot done.
Then this evening I picked up Zachary for Mass and we went. Father Sebastian asked me to offer the Prayers of the Faithful in Mass tomorrow morning. So I need to type them up tonight and compose the other petitions he wanted to be added.


it's pretty bad when yarn is the most exciting thing
I have to photograph during a 24 hour span. LOL! This is what I bought today - the interesting things, anyway. I got the blank book at the Goodwill Store for .99. The yarn came from Walmart. I have been thinking about crocheting a poncho/shawl/ruana for a couple of years, but wasn't really sure I'd wear it. But after an online friend showed me pictures of several different styles she has and wears often, I decided to take the plunge. Wish me luck! I had no idea how much yarn it would take, since I don't have a pattern in mind yet, so I bought 6 skeins of Homespun 'Colonial'.
Lydia had called this morning and wanted me to come into the office to work on a grant application, but I declined. I woke up feeling kind of queasy and then developed a headache around noon. I told her I'd come in and do it tomorrow or Monday.
I watched the season opener of Survivor of my favorite tv shows.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Isn't this an absolutely beautiful piece of advertising art? I just love this image of the little girl on the chocolate bar wrapper. There is a mail art call for artwork made using this image, and I am going to send something in for it. Thank you, Ivan!
Today was a pretty busy day. I had to go to town for several errands, besides things needing to be done around the house. Then I made chicken salad sandwiches to bring to the deanery youth ministry meeting tonight after Mass. Sylvia is bringing drinks and chips. At Mass there was a man playing the guitar. He's new, and I can't remember his name at the moment. Afterwards, he talked to Sylvia and I, and asked if we'd be interested in guitar lessons. He was going to be giving free ones in the parish starting in the next few weeks. While I would like to just magically be able to play the guitar well, I am not very musical at all, and don't know if I want to take on another project or activity. I have Shabree's guitar here, and one of Andrew's too, so I guess I should at least try. I told Sylvia that I probably shouldn't since it would save me the embarrassment of dropping out when it becomes plain to all that I have absolutely no musical talent. LOL! Maybe Zachary could start lessons too.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


This is the amazing packet of artwork I received from Linda Villy, in Australia, today. The quilt block is absolutely charming! It has such a vintage look to it, and blanket stitch has always been so appealing to me. The three ATCs are gorgeous - Me#1, Mehan's Shed, and Yellow Jug. If you are reading this, Linda, THANKS AGAIN! :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Lydia called this morning and wanted me to come into the office and help her. So after I paid bills, I did. Then we went out to lunch. After that, I took Nissa (our cat)to the vet. She has feline head mange - Gee! Many of the stray cats I feed, here, have it, so that's where she got it. Fifty-something dollars when I pick her up tomorrow, then about $19 a week until it's completely gone. I don't know if I should try to capture the strays and take them in too, or not... I went through that a while back when I had them all fixed.... and now we just 'acquired' 5 more cats - a mama cat and 4 nearly grown babies. They are pretty wild though. It never ends. This will cost me a small fortune.
I had a stuffed envelope of mail art items from Tim Scannell, in today's mail. Lots of cool stuff! Thanks, Tim!
I got some junk at the Goodwill Store today too. A lunch box to decopage (.99), some sets of art prints to alter (packages of 4, for $1.49 ea.) and a flat, wooden jack-o-lantern to alter (.49)
And here are two things I got at a garage sale the day I went to look for monikers on the sides of boxcars: A tiny coconut purse from Guam (.25) and a roll of ??? I forget what it's called...the stuff sequins are cut from (.10).
Shabree called tonight and talked for quite a while. It is SOOOO good to hear from her. We miss her terribly. But gosh - 10pm on a school night and she's still up and watching tv.

Monday, September 12, 2005


I didn't take any photos today, so I'm recycling this self-portrait quilt block. I did two of these for exchanges.
Nothing out of the ordinary went on today, except it rained very lightly most of the day. I went to the church early as I always do, so that I could unlock the breakfast room, check things out, put things in my office, etc. By the time I finished and walked over to the church, Chuck and Zach were there. We always go separately, since I have to be there early, and then Zach and I stay late. Classes are going well. We got more registrations today, and there are several more coming next week too. I stayed busy and on-the-go the whole class period. It's working out much better actually working from my 'real' office, rather than working from the breakfast/conference room. AND my air conditioner works now! :) Tony helps a LOT, since I can't be two places at once. Several parents stopped by for different things, and one student came for supplies. Sylvia stopped in later in the period so we could finish discussing the upcoming youth ministry meeting for this Wednesday.
Andrew came over to use the computer for about 3 hours. Samantha and Buddha came later on. Buddha had climbed up on their couch, then got to the shelf and took Andrew's glasses the day before. He chewed them up with lots of little needle-teeth marks on the bottom half of on lens. Sheesh!
I took a two hour nap, which would have been longer, but Carl came bursting through the bedroom door when he heard thunder. Yeah, a big dog like him, scared of thunder.
Chuck cooked dinner - steak in mushroom gravy, baked potatoes and corn. It was good.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Everyone was up already when I got up this morning. Chuck took Zach and Mathieu out to breakfast. In the afternoon, I went to a town not too far from here where they park boxcars, to look for monikers. I didn't see any, but couldn't get close OR see the other sides. So I followed the tracks for awhile, ending up a good distance away, and took a photo of this engine in a different town. There was some graffiti on some of the boxcars, but it didn't appear to be what I was looking for.
Zach is spending the night again tonight.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


PUMPKINS OR JACK-O-LANTERNS of any kind/any media/any size. Everyone who sends me a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern will get one in return. Deadline: October 31, 2005. My address - WANDA, P.O. BOX 272, SKID MORE, TEXAS, 78389, U.S.A.

Friday, September 09, 2005


Here is the catch of the day...two mail art postcards from Robot/Pablo Wright, a Burning Man postcard from Jacqui, sent from Black Rock Playa, and a note from my sister, Jan, with a funny newspaper clipping that looks like Mathieu. She just wanted to cheer me up. :)
This morning I went to the school, because it was Grandparents Day there. There were cookies and juice in the main elementary building hall. I signed in there, then went to Zach's room in the other building, where he was having breakfast (a pear and milk). I was glad to see it was that, since last year (probably at times this year, too) breakfast was frequently honeybuns, pop tarts and things like that. YIKES! Anyway, so then we both went and had cookies and juice and he sent me with an extra cookie to take to Mathieu. I talked to the man who lives in the next block with the GORGEOUS gardens...Bob Calvert. He is the NICEST man. Relatively new in town, he is disabled and came to be near his son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. He is just the most awesome man. Someday I need to take a photo of him sitting in his chair, working in his garden. Anyway, after that, Zach and I went back to his classroom and I looked at some of the artwork, etc. It was a good morning.
Chuck came home early today. He had to buy a set of new tires for his pickup, to the tune of nearly $600. Zachary and Mathieu are both spending the night with us tonight. It's Reagan and Amy's anniversary, and they went out to eat.
Stewart called from Baghdad tonight. He is fine. We sure do miss him.


This in an artist trading card I made tonight for Cindy, from my old atc group.
Today has been a pretty good day, but I have been fighting a headache and a little queasiness most of the day. Lydia called me around 11:30 and wanted me to come to the office and help her. My van is 'under the weather', so she came and picked me up, and got us a grilled chicken salad for lunch. I worked there until around 2pm, then she brought me home. Jan called as soon as I walked in the door. It's always great to talk to her. Amy called at 4 to see if I wanted to go to town with her. She was going to the supermarket, so I went along, and picked up my prescription, got groceries, and played with the Kodak picture machine.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Um, no, not this one. This is my bottle-tree-in-progress in the back yard. I am listening/singing to Lila Downs' Tree of Life (Arbol de la Vida), cranked up loudly, while typing. Today was ... sad. Yeah, I am still down about **************** yesterday, and cried more today. But I am better tonight. I went to town with Amy (daughter-in-law), Zach and Mathieu and got the taxes paid on this house and the lots. Domingo called earlier to see if everything was okay, since I left the Fiesta early, Sunday. I called Bertha later in the day to say I was going to stay home tonight and not attend the parish council meeting. She went over what was on the agenda with me. Andrew called; he's coming over tomorrow. I asked him to call before he left home, in case I needed him to get something from town for me. My van is in worse shape. It sounds bad, and I just don't trust it. GOT to take it into the shop next week. Ashley (our only daughter) called ....she and Roy were helping Ashlyn with her (FIRST GRADE!) math homework and they had a question. !!! LOL! I told Amy and Ashley about ********************************** and I had emailed ************* about it last night, but I think it'll stop there. I am not going to tell ***** since it will just upset him, since he is the other 'looser' in question, along with me. LOL! He had called last night and kept asking if everything was okay, saying I sounded tired or something. He said that he wanted me to call ********and ask about *******************. He said "We have the room, and we can afford it." Well, I didn't and I am not going to for several reasons, the main one being that most of them in the ******************** But isn't it ironic that he brought it up, and in those words on the same day that *************************. If *** only knew - *** would be totally frosted, and *** worse thoughts about us confirmed - LOL!!! But we really can't ***************. The thing is, there is a major difference in the perception of 'afford' and having 'enough'. No, we don't have financial security, I don't suppose...and I definately don't ******************* but I have a husband who is not perfect, but who loves me, 5 kids, 2 kids-in-law, 5 grandchildren, a parish family, and can laugh and see the cup half full ALL the time, paint and hang shoes from the trees, sing and dance along with my CDs, drive my kids crazy by talking all day through my sock monkey puppet sometimes, have a flock of pink plastic flamingos in my yard and LIVE my life. I need to quit thinking 'death' and get back to 'life'. I can't let negative people get me down. Gee, why have there been so many around me, lately?! They are ganging up on me! But I know ***************. ***** just has some 'defects', I guess they could be called. But I'm still not going to talk to *** on the phone any more. Tomorrow will be a good day!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I got a beautiful postcard today from Angela Genusa! Thanks Angela, if you are reading this. Then, in one of my groups, the discussion turned to coffee cups and so we started posting photos of our favorite one. This is mine, that I use every morning for my decaf, two packets of Splenda and a generous pouring of cream. Yum! It is a doubled sized mug. The only one of that size that I have...which is probably why it is my favorite. I got it at Walmart in late 1999 as memorabilia of the year 2000. The alebrige and flamingo Oaxacan woodcarvings are some that Stewart and Andrew (our oldest and youngest sons) brought to Shabree and I, from Mexico a couple of years ago.
I wrote the above entry earlier today. This evening ...........


This is a photo of some of my dolls. These are not for display, but for regular play - and for making online photo stories. My granddaughter has pretty much made hash out of them at the moment. There is a whole community of grown-ups online who have groups and make stories, accessories, summer camps, clothes, rooms, etc. for 1/6 ('Barbie', 'Kelly', 'Janet/Christi' sized)dolls. Another woman and I got into a discussion about it today, and so I told her I'd post a photo of some of my dolls on tonight's blog entry. The stories I've done are pretty low tech, and simple. I don't like to build elaborate 'sets' or things like that. So far my stories have revolved around just 2 or 3 groups of dolls. And I've had shorter little episodes too - like when we had a once in a lifetime (if even that!) foot of snow last Christmas. I had two of my 'silly Barbies' stuck in neck deep snow because they just HAD to go shopping. Then no-nonsense Jane West had to use her lasso to rescue them. ;)
There are even doll camps set up each summer where doll hobbyists can send a doll to a theme camp, operated by a doll staff, belonging to another hobbyist. My granddaughter and I have had several dolls go to camps and vacations in all parts of the world. And we hosted a visitor from Australia, too. It really is a lot of fun - very odd and kitchey. This summer there have been two camps that I know of, although we didn't participate this year. They were 'Hiz Camp' (for Kens, G.I. Joes, etc.) and a 'Plastic and Pregnant' Prego camp for dolls who are expecting. Yes, really.

Monday, September 05, 2005


...Me, not Mathieu. This is Mathieu at the Fall Fiesta today.
I don't know why I collapse in an exhausted heap on Sunday afternoons, but I do. Mass was great this morning, although I was already feeling kind of odd. Classes went well, but I had a lot of paperwork to organize, deliveries to make, registrations to process, etc. Fortunately Tony was there to help me, and he organized attendance sheets and was in my office to take care of parents when I was running around on various tasks. After class, Mr. Ross came to look at the office air conditioning system. He was hopeful that he could fix it - possibly - early this week.
At 11:30 I came home to change clothes and get back up there. But I felt so bad, like a heat stroke or something, that I waited until 1pm to go back. Zach was still with me, and after Chuck went to get us some bbq plates for lunch, he laid down for a nap. Zach and I went back up there, but it looked like they had the work covered, and I felt so bad, that after getting a few odd jobs done, and hanging out with Reagan, Amy and Mathieu at the kiddie booths for awhile, I came home, leaving Zach with them. Chuck was up, and went to get food for his, Zach and Mathieu's camp out at the cabin tonight. It is Mathieu's first time to be over there camping, so he is super-excited. The rule was no camping until he was completely potty trained. LOL. I went straight to bed when I got home and slept from 2 until 7. Waking up, I still felt weak, hot-cold, etc. but I think I am starting to feel more normal now.
The phone rang at 8:30 and it was the ********** again. I saw that on the caller ID, so didn't answer. I'll be glad when her car is fixed so she can get back here and watch ************** herself. I am tired of going to the ********* and let her know if it looks like *********** or if anything is changed, etc. Waaay too much soap opera for me.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Today's mail art is a great postcard from Angela Genusa. :)

I finally heard from Shabree today. So that was a relief. I had been calling around for days, to all the phone numbers I had from various sources to try to get in touch with any of her mother's family to try to talk to her. So finally one of them got the message to her and she called. We miss her so much!

Then as soon as I hung up from talking to her, *******, the ************* called from *********, wanting to know if I'd seen/heard anything from *************. They were *****************. ***** sounded awful - crying, etc. I had noticed that they both seemed to be gone for weeks. Then they were back, but *** left again and it's been a couple of weeks again. Apparently they had another of their fights and she took off and is in her other house near ********. The kids don't want her to have anything to do with her husband, she says, but she loves him and said so many heartwrenching things. People just make their own trouble so often. They both seem like such likable people in so many ways, but you know you are asking for trouble when ************************************. Lots of drama - fights, police involvement, etc. Lifestyle issues. It's like I tell my kids, grandchildren, and students - everyone wants to be happy in life. The way to do that is to live a moral life and follow the ten commandments. Not in a somber, legalistic way, but with JOY and LOVE. Why do people court such 'rough' ways of life?! Anyway, *** wants me to watch for **********to ******* and take *********, and a message to call **** collect, and let *** use our phone. Oy vey! ...And since I wrote this at 4pm, *** has called 3 MORE times to check and want me to do other things....which I am not going to do. Staying out of it! Well, I am praying for them. I do like them both and as I said, they have good hearts. And I do hate to see anyone hurting.

About 10 minutes after that call, one of my teachers calls me and says she stopped into her classroom and found that someone had moved major signage/marquees into it, rendering it useless for class tomorrow morning! We were surprised last week when our conference/breakfast room we were using for registration and breakfast for the students, was completely rearranged with tables and chairs removed. It was a good thing I got their so early, so I could scrounge and move a few tables and chairs to make somewhat of a usuable space for us. So...for this week, I decided we will combine two classes and move into the other class's room, and show a film. I realize these are special circumstances, but I would think they would give our students a little consideration.

There are evacuees from New Orleans being bused into our area. It sure seems like quite a distance to come, but I guess it's necessary. And...we are having a thunder storm! Heavy rain! We sure do need it, but I hope it lets off for tomorrow since the Fiesta is an outdoor affair.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Okay, this is just a short entry. I have been talking with people lately about purses and their contents. We have been sharing photos of them and is mine. This is really disgraceful!


This is Zach with Hot Dog, taken early last month. I wrote about this, then. Immediately behind them is the sharp drop-off where the illegal aliens camp on their way north.
What to write about tonight....? The aftermath of Katrina is on my mind, of course. I've heard from several people near New Orleans. It's horrific and they are asking for prayer. But they are not bashing the government or focusing on politics at all. They want prayer and people who can actively help the situation. My niece and her family are fine. Refugees are being housed in their apartment complex, and Laura has volunteered to work with them since she has EMT training and experience. Several people I know from our small town have gone out there to help with medical needs and food needs. And there are lots of collections being taken in our area to be sent there. And prayer - lots and lots of prayer.
Chuck came home early this week since he had to renew his driver's license. He took care of a lot of errands today, and has a long weekend too.
Zach is spending the night tonight. He and I went to Mass this evening. He served. Reeys was there, so I discussed the plans for this year's Christmas program with him. When we got home, I started dinner. Something another blogger said today, gave me incentive to 'nurture' by cooking decently, again. I have gotten so used to not cooking .... or barely cooking. I have been telling people for a couple of years now, that 'I don't cook.'. I guess now, I DO cook - again. At least when there is someone here. When it's just me during the week, I don't plan on cooking.
This morning I went to Andrew's and we returned the computer I bought him yesterday. When I mentioned the whole thing to Stewart (our oldest son) in email yesterday, he said he'd buy Andrew a better computer with better features. He's in Baghdad, but ordered it from Dell, so it should be here soon. So I paid for his phone service and connection etc., instead.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


This is our youngest son and his puppy. He finally moved from an apartment to a house with a fenced backyard, so the first thing he did was to get a puppy, since he finally could. :)
I drove up there today and we ate lunch out, then went computer shopping. Afterwards, since Samantha had to take the new car into the shop!, I dropped him off at the college.
I left my favorite internet art group today. The hurricane had turned it into a Bush-bashing forum, and I certainly don't need shovel loads of negativity dumped into my online life. Why is it that anti-whatever people and negativity spewing people are so vocal with their every thought, but others are not? After I left the group, I got several emails saying, 'thanks for speaking up - I feel the same way' and things like that. It just seems much easier nowadays to be negative and 'anti'. That is always socially acceptable, while the opposing view is frequently not.


I don't know why, but I feel really down tonight - sad and depressed. Hopefully, it will clear up soon. I miss Shabree and worry about her since her mother took her and moved 3-4 hours away... This is a photo of Shabree from when we were in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico, in the Spring. It's not a very good one at all, but the only one I have from the digital camera.
Let's's happenings.... Lydia called around 11 because Annie asked her to remind me that I said I'd come help her with some Fall Fiesta related things in the classroom building. I'd completely forgotten about it! So I went over there and it didn't take too long, but things kept coming up. But I did ask her about my expenses for last year - how it all turned out. She couldn't find my folder, but eventually did and I was thrilled that I came out only 4 cents in the red!!!! I couldn't believe it! Not after the Mexican tour bus fiasco, and all those extra books I had to order, and re-order replacements and order extra again and again. I made a copy of the ledger for me to keep, to look over when I am feeling buried in expences later on this year. ;) Actually, this year is looking pretty good. I have a nice pad so far, and am pretty set, so that I won't have any pre$$ing need$. I don't think!
While I was there, I took care of some things I needed to do, too. So it was a fairly productive morning. The books I had ordered came in and so did the calendars and missals and song books for the coming year. I delivered registration records and books to the classrooms. It was afternoon when I came home again. When I was leaving Lydia reminded me about tonight's meeting, which I had also forgotten all about!
After I got home, Andrew called and wanted to know if we had an extra computer here. He said he was going to have to drop one of his classes if he didn't have a computer. Without Stewart here to know what he has, what is working correctly and what goes with what, I told him I'd just buy him a computer. So he's coming over in the morning to pick up a check.
So tonight, I forgot all about Mass at 6pm...What is with my memory today?! But I went to the meeting/seminar. There was a pretty good turnout. But ***** got into an argument with the presenter....sigh. I don't know what is with *** lately. ***** just argues tenaciously about stuff that is beside the point. Anyway, when the meeting was over, I came home and that's about it for my day.
Gas is up to 2.99/gallon tonight - I made it a point to check on my way home. Lydia was just given a gas card to use to get to work. There were discussions today about people having to car pool more, and put off unneccessary trips into town, and things like that. We should be doing that anyway, I guess. I still haven't gotten a bicycle like I said I was going to do, a couple of months ago. I just really don't know if I'd use it.