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Monday, September 12, 2005


I didn't take any photos today, so I'm recycling this self-portrait quilt block. I did two of these for exchanges.
Nothing out of the ordinary went on today, except it rained very lightly most of the day. I went to the church early as I always do, so that I could unlock the breakfast room, check things out, put things in my office, etc. By the time I finished and walked over to the church, Chuck and Zach were there. We always go separately, since I have to be there early, and then Zach and I stay late. Classes are going well. We got more registrations today, and there are several more coming next week too. I stayed busy and on-the-go the whole class period. It's working out much better actually working from my 'real' office, rather than working from the breakfast/conference room. AND my air conditioner works now! :) Tony helps a LOT, since I can't be two places at once. Several parents stopped by for different things, and one student came for supplies. Sylvia stopped in later in the period so we could finish discussing the upcoming youth ministry meeting for this Wednesday.
Andrew came over to use the computer for about 3 hours. Samantha and Buddha came later on. Buddha had climbed up on their couch, then got to the shelf and took Andrew's glasses the day before. He chewed them up with lots of little needle-teeth marks on the bottom half of on lens. Sheesh!
I took a two hour nap, which would have been longer, but Carl came bursting through the bedroom door when he heard thunder. Yeah, a big dog like him, scared of thunder.
Chuck cooked dinner - steak in mushroom gravy, baked potatoes and corn. It was good.


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