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Monday, September 05, 2005


...Me, not Mathieu. This is Mathieu at the Fall Fiesta today.
I don't know why I collapse in an exhausted heap on Sunday afternoons, but I do. Mass was great this morning, although I was already feeling kind of odd. Classes went well, but I had a lot of paperwork to organize, deliveries to make, registrations to process, etc. Fortunately Tony was there to help me, and he organized attendance sheets and was in my office to take care of parents when I was running around on various tasks. After class, Mr. Ross came to look at the office air conditioning system. He was hopeful that he could fix it - possibly - early this week.
At 11:30 I came home to change clothes and get back up there. But I felt so bad, like a heat stroke or something, that I waited until 1pm to go back. Zach was still with me, and after Chuck went to get us some bbq plates for lunch, he laid down for a nap. Zach and I went back up there, but it looked like they had the work covered, and I felt so bad, that after getting a few odd jobs done, and hanging out with Reagan, Amy and Mathieu at the kiddie booths for awhile, I came home, leaving Zach with them. Chuck was up, and went to get food for his, Zach and Mathieu's camp out at the cabin tonight. It is Mathieu's first time to be over there camping, so he is super-excited. The rule was no camping until he was completely potty trained. LOL. I went straight to bed when I got home and slept from 2 until 7. Waking up, I still felt weak, hot-cold, etc. but I think I am starting to feel more normal now.
The phone rang at 8:30 and it was the ********** again. I saw that on the caller ID, so didn't answer. I'll be glad when her car is fixed so she can get back here and watch ************** herself. I am tired of going to the ********* and let her know if it looks like *********** or if anything is changed, etc. Waaay too much soap opera for me.


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