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Saturday, September 03, 2005


This is Zach with Hot Dog, taken early last month. I wrote about this, then. Immediately behind them is the sharp drop-off where the illegal aliens camp on their way north.
What to write about tonight....? The aftermath of Katrina is on my mind, of course. I've heard from several people near New Orleans. It's horrific and they are asking for prayer. But they are not bashing the government or focusing on politics at all. They want prayer and people who can actively help the situation. My niece and her family are fine. Refugees are being housed in their apartment complex, and Laura has volunteered to work with them since she has EMT training and experience. Several people I know from our small town have gone out there to help with medical needs and food needs. And there are lots of collections being taken in our area to be sent there. And prayer - lots and lots of prayer.
Chuck came home early this week since he had to renew his driver's license. He took care of a lot of errands today, and has a long weekend too.
Zach is spending the night tonight. He and I went to Mass this evening. He served. Reeys was there, so I discussed the plans for this year's Christmas program with him. When we got home, I started dinner. Something another blogger said today, gave me incentive to 'nurture' by cooking decently, again. I have gotten so used to not cooking .... or barely cooking. I have been telling people for a couple of years now, that 'I don't cook.'. I guess now, I DO cook - again. At least when there is someone here. When it's just me during the week, I don't plan on cooking.
This morning I went to Andrew's and we returned the computer I bought him yesterday. When I mentioned the whole thing to Stewart (our oldest son) in email yesterday, he said he'd buy Andrew a better computer with better features. He's in Baghdad, but ordered it from Dell, so it should be here soon. So I paid for his phone service and connection etc., instead.


At 9/03/2005 12:58 AM, Blogger trish said...

hot dog is sooo sooo sooo cute!


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