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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


How many cars can break down in one day? To start things off this morning, I woke up and the central air system was frozen up. So I turned the thing off, opened the door and metal covering up, and turned on the central fan to thaw it out. Amy (daughter in law) and I were supposed to go into the city to get some things done. She doesn't drive in that kind of traffic, and my van is a little less that trustworthy at the moment, so I don't take it that far away from home. So we took her new car. We got about 10 miles from home, and it started overheating. So we immediately turned around and went back to her house. The car totally quit on us in the road, just inside the property line on our acreage. Okay. So we get Mathieu's carseat out, walk to her house, and put the carseat into her other car. All ready to go again. Then I turned the key and...nothing. Dead battery, apparently. By then, we've given up. We were again moving the car seat, this time into Stewart's car, which he left there when he went to Kuwait, so she could give me a ride home. Only I noticed it had a flat tire. Sooo, she called Vickie (my cousin's wife) who lives a little way down the street, to come take me home.
Then later on, I went to the office (in my van) to get some stuff done, went to the post office (no 'good' mail today), took Lydia (parish secretary) out to lunch, and then went to the next town to take care of some business. Since Amy was without any of their 3 cars, I had to pick Zachary up from school. I joked with him that I was almost afraid to use my van today. So I took him home, and came home myself. I was supposed to pick up Zach, Amy and Mat for Mass, but when I went out to my van, and pulled out of the driveway, it seemed 'funny', so I stopped and got out and IT had a completely flat tire. Expensive NEW tires that Stewart had bought me. I'm afraid to think what else is going to happen! So I called them, to tell them everything was off for tonight, and by that time Reagan (our son) was home and he had charged the battery in the 'dead battery' car, and Amy had gone to get groceries. He said his pick-up had developed an air-conditioner problem today too, but he had gotten it fixed already. He said he'd come do something with my tire when Amy got home. Hopefully tomorrow is his day off, so he can do something about all the cars/tires, etc. Chuck (husband) won't be home until late Saturday, and then has to leave again early Monday morning. Everything will be closed as far as getting anything fixed then. Sheesh! I have a parish council meeting tonight too, but won't be going. Luckily, I am within walking distance of the post office. ;)
I worked on a couple of postcards today and recycled an envelope. I hope to get a few more mail art things done tonight.


At 8/25/2005 9:12 PM, Blogger nutmeg said...

Holy Cow! I have never known anyone to have so much car trouble in one day! I guess that's one of those situations where you either cry or bust up laughing!!

Quick question...sorry for my ignorance...what are those postcard thingys you create? And the fluxbux stuff? I just have never heard of it... looks neat!

At 8/25/2005 9:35 PM, Blogger Wanda said...

Hi, nutmeg! :) The postcards are for 'mail art'. I send them to other mail artists and they will send me something back. Before this kind of mail art, I was making artist trading cards and artist post cards to trade one-for-one with other artists.
The fluxus bucks are fantasy money that becomes a collaboration toward the finished product. Someone made them (more or less 'blank' as you can see) and now makes more copies and sends them to whoever wants them. Then that person adds something to the face of the 'dollar' and sends it on to another mail artist...and on and on. When it looks done, someone will send it back to the one who minted it, originally. If you'll notice on one of my past entries, I have a photo where I carved a rubberstamp of Martha Stewart's face and imprinted it onto the Fluxus buck I received. It's all about the participation of many, and the collaboration.
If any more experienced and knowlegeable mail artists are reading this, please correct me if I'm wrong.
And by the way - although a pretty dull day, NOTHING broke, blew up, melted down, crumbled, cratered, or fell apart today! :)


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