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Monday, August 22, 2005


Here are two more postcards I finished today. The one on the right went to Jacqui and Beau at Burning Man.

Last night was a major insomnia night....because I had major caffeine all evening. It was around 4am when I must have finally fallen asleep. Then I was up around 8, thanks to Laverne and Carl whining at my bedroom door.

I had to go to town and take care of more of Stewart's banking, get groceries, stop in Goodwill and the newspaper office. It was 99 degrees today.

Amy invited me over for dinner tonight - crockpot chicken, rice and veggies. It was really good. I brought potato rolls, real butter and then bananas for the, I mean BOYS. Reagan got there after we had already eaten, since he had to stop and get antibiotics for the goats. He had to rush since he has a fire dept. meeting tonight too.

Zach will be getting a recorder and related paraphenelia this year since he is in 5th grade. I almost added one for me, to his order form, since it sounded like fun. But then I decided that I really didn't need one...There are 2 or 3 flutes around here if I could find them and they aren't broken. Anyway, reality set in and I realized that I wouldn't really want to take the time to learn and practice. I used to be able to play Amazing Grace on the kids' tinwhistle when they were little. The idea of playing those lilting Irish folk tunes - Make Us True Servants, and Lord of All Hopefullness - really appeals to me. Plus the recorder comes in a choice of something like 10 different colors and 15 different strap colors. That alone is appealing. LOL!

Nothing on tv tonight except History Detectives on PBS at 9pm, if I can stay awake that long.


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