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Saturday, August 13, 2005


A lady came to the house today asking if that was our property by the highway. She and her husband want to rent it and put a coffee shop there. I really liked her, and love the idea of a coffee shop there, but I just don't think it will work out. I told her that property is owned jointly by my 2 sisters and I and it just isn't really worth it to us to do anything with it. We'e had so many offers before, but the selling price or rental price, divided up three ways is just - nothing. So... But she left her husband's card, and I will pass the info to Glenda and Jan. It really would be nice if it worked out.

Chuck came home early today. The normal time for him to get here on Fridays is around 8pm. But he shut it all down early, and got here around 3. He took the dogs (Carl and Laverne) and went over to the cabin to to check things out with the illegal alien situation. That's a photo of our tiny little cabin, above. It's taken from the high point along the tree line, behind which, it has a slope that is completely hidden by lots of tree cover. That's where the illegal aliens stop. My grandson and I went up there today, and looked down on A LOT of empty water bottles, and other bottles, empty sacks, etc. I had told Reagan to pick them all up, so we could tell by any more being there, if and when there were more 'passages' and the size, number and frequency of groups going through. But I guess I'll try to get it picked up on Sunday. Tomorrow I probably won't be able to, since I have other things going all day. My friend, Barbara, had been complaining of her dog throwing a terrible fit some nights, staring out into the woods behind her house. She has woods right up to her back yard, and lives only a very few miles from our cabin, as the crow flies, so this has probably become a major route again.

Zach and I went to Mass this evening, not too long after I took that photo. He and Eddie served and did well. They are improving all the time.


At 8/13/2005 9:33 AM, Blogger nutmeg said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping at my blog, I had to have a look at yours! I envy you your space! We live in a very suburban area and are dying to get some land for our kiddos...but we enjoy being close to our homeschooling friends,too. It's nice to read another Catholic Mom's blog!

At 8/13/2005 10:13 AM, Blogger Thorn said...

Wanda, did that use to be farm land? Where exactly in TX are you so I can check it out of Yahoo Maps?..Carrie


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