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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Zach saw a man out by the fence, past our cabin this afternoon. He told Amy, who looked out and saw him crossing the road. So she got Reagan, who went over and it turned out to be 4 illegal aliens passing through. He told them to get off, and then went inside to call the sheriff's department. When the border patrol and police got there, the illegals had gone further and gotten into an oak mot, but could still be seen. There were about 15 of them alltogether. They scattered and outran the 2 border patrol agents though, and got away. But the agents and the minutemen will probably be waiting for them on the other side. They told Reagan that there had been a 'bail-out' near here earlier in the day, and they had caught about half of them. This is apparently the other half trying to make it on foot.
Reagan said he had noticed a path on the other side of the pond a while back, but thought it was either animals or just poor groundcover due to the trees. And he has seen a couple of beer bottles, last month, but thought it was some teenage trespassers that he had ran off recently, or someone using the nearby road. Apparently there was more to it.
We've never called the border patrol on illegals in the past, but there is a lot of gang and drug involvement now, so the atmosphere has definately changed. You just can't be sure of their motives. But Reagan told the cops they'd hear from him again, if he found any minutemen around the place too. We don't want them either. Zach and Mat will just have to stay nearer to their yard and the close pen, rather than be over at our cabin or ride too far in the pasture unless we are at the cabin or someone is with them. I guess we should make the cabin look more occupied too.
A few nights ago, the boys were in bed, but Zach came running into the kitchen and told Amy that there was an outline of a person at his window. His curtain was closed, but lit by the light pole across the driveway, a person might make a silhouette through the thin fabric. At the time, Amy looked out but didnt see anyone, and thought it was probably the boy from across the pasture who is visiting his grandparents for the summer. He had been at the door just an hour before asking if Zach could play. Of course, he couldn't since he was already in bed, and it was late. But now Amy is wondering if it was another illegal out there.


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