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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Today was a pretty good day. Not nearly as dark as things looked to me yesterday. I didn't get to sleep last night? until 4a.m. DH was still feeling bad, but nothing like he was last night. He left at 5am for work and called me later around 10 when he got there.
I got up at 9 because Laverne was whining at the bedroom door. So I plodded to the front door and let her and Carl outside for their morning security check of the perimeters. As soon as I got dressed, got my usual double cup of decaf and sat down at the computer, our granddaughter's mother was at the door to pick her up. So I woke her up, got her in the shower and she left again. :( I sent some school supplies and several pairs of new pants along with her. But D. said that I could come pick her up any weekend I wanted, so I did feel better overall about part of the situation. Of course it is a 4 hour? drive, one way, to get her, so I don't know how often I can manage it...especially since my car is not doing that great. Of course, if DH is home on the weekends, like his schedule is currently, I can use his, and it will be no problem.

Then I had promised Zach, our oldest grandson, that we would go letterboxing today. So at 1pm in the extreme heat -(Yep, that's how I do things.) - we started on our trek. As soon as we got into the town, I went by the newspaper office to get my newest ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) copied. I keep a copy of each one so that I always have a record of my work. Right away, Zach saw a small bat on the walkway, against the edge of the building. He wanted to bring him home, but I wouldn't let him. I don't know what the bat was doing there. Hopefully he was able to fly away at nightfall. A bat colony lives in the grape arbor on the court house lawn, which is just across the street, kitty-cornered from where he was...

Then we stopped to have lunch at our usual place. Then, out to the woodsy park that for some strange reason, is really difficult to find a spot to hide a letterbox in,... and we drove and hiked and looked until I felt like I was totally dehydrated. We did find a place to hide the microbox he made, but still my special, odd sized one came back home with me. I had bought some spray glue to enable me to cover the plastic boxes with leaves, little sticks, dirt etc. to provide effective camoflage. It didn't work all that well - on the boxes anyway. It worked great on my hands.

On the way back home we made a pass through the cemetery so I could check out that HUGE tree in front as a possible perfect place for my ....Adam and Eve?, Garden of Eden?, Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? Temptation? letterbox. Perfect location, but no place to hide it where it wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb. BUT... maybe I could 'offset' it. Have the clues start from the massive tree and lead by compass reading and paces to... a bush? somewhere.... I may try again tomorrow.

So, back home, we stop at Dairy Queen only to find out that their ice cream machine is broken! Zach got a previously frozen treat and I decided to just come home to a big glass of ice water. We had planned to take off to a town in the opposite direction, but I was just worn out. Since he had gotten into a movie, he didnt mind putting off the second half of our trip until in the morning. After the movie, I took him home, came back and collapsed.

Monday evenings Barbara always has the Rosary at her house, but I had called and cancelled earlier. At first I thought we wouldn't be back from our second trip, but then I was just still too hot and tired.


At 8/15/2005 12:57 PM, Blogger MaggieOH said...

Wanda, I'm going to start also. You always inspire me. Your blog is fascinating.



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