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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


This is "It's All in Your Attitude", one of my favorite artist trading cards. I painted it in June.
Today was an uneventful day. The last box of the stuff Stewart (oldest son) had ordered had come in, so I opened them up, and combined it all into one box, and got it mailed off to him in Baghdad - computer parts and software. I also got some art mailed off to three people. It felt good to have that much taken care of. ***Never end a sentence with a preposition.*** And it helped allieviate at least part of the cluttered stacks on the table.
About the illegal aliens from yesterday - we have decided to start keeping jugs of water in the shade under the trees that seem to be along that route. Hopefully, this will keep anyone from dying or getting really sick, and keep them from needing to come closer to the house and cabin.
At 5:30, I went over to pick Zach up and we went to Mass, and afterwards to D.Q. so he could get a sundae. He and Eddie served at Mass and did really well for being so new at it. This was their first time without an adult right with them overseeing everything.


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