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Friday, August 12, 2005


about the illegal aliens... and have sort of flip-flopped. You can't really tell if the illegals passing through are poor people wanting jobs or if they are MS-13s. So, I'll still leave the water, but if I actually see any, unless it obviously looks like a family group (women and children), I will call the sheriff's dept.
Chuck called today and said down where he is working, nearer to the border, several MS-13s came across the other day, killed their coyote and got away. So they are in the country. I wish our borders were totally secure.
Above is an art postcard I made today. I love reading blogs, and found a really interesting one. To gauge the readership of his blog, a man offered documentation of his rail car chalk drawings on a recent trip. I have always found those so fascinating! Anyway, I just had to drop him a postcard, so I made an artsy one.


At 8/12/2005 11:13 AM, Blogger "T" Van Hoecke said...

Hey Wanda thanks for stopping by my blog! It appears we started ours about the same time.
Yours looks great and I can understand your fear of documenting something you may not want others to see. I had the same feelings. Oh well, such is life huh! I do so enjoy sharing my daily activity and artwork.


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