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Monday, August 15, 2005


This is a photo of two pages in my letterboxing log book. I would have liked to have shown the page with the Texas Tour Bus and passengers, but since that includes other people's stamps, and it's supposed to be a surprise for the finders, I just posted a record of some of the stamps I've carved. Notice I did manage to get my Stanley Marsh 3 in there anyway. ;)
The Texas Tour Bus is impounded at the old calaboose beside the Historical Museum at the moment. I guess the passengers - and quite a varied bunch they are! - got locked up. Maybe someone will come break them out soon.
In other letterboxing clues news, I typed up the clues to 'Caballo's' Veterans' Memorial microbox tonight. Now I just need to post them on the website for him.
And I sent the Happy Birthday postal letterbox on it's way to Dewberry today. It was an amazing 'birthday party in a box'! And the logbook and calendar book were so creative and original! Shout out to Ruby Tuesday and the rest of the Celtic Lions! THANKS! :)
More good news - my sister, Jan, called today, and she is going to come spend the night Wednesday. Her husband has a quick business trip south of here, so he's going to drop her off with me, and then pick her up on the way back through, the next day. We're going to have dinner with Reagan, Amy and boys. She has never seen Mathieu. Andrew is going to come down, too, and see her.
Speaking of Andrew and Reagan... Reagan called Andrew to ask him if he wanted the puppy. I hope he takes it, but I don't know how it turned out. He has wanted a dog for ages, and now that he just got out of an apartment and into a house, he already got a puppy, himself. A little half pit bull, half lab, that he named Buddha. So I kind of doubt if he'll want two puppies. But I hope so. (Edit: Reagan gave the puppy to a good friend.)
I went to Mass tonight at the mission. Beautiful music - all in Spanish. Mr. Casarez is such a good guitarist and singer. Afterwards, I got Fr. Sebastian to approve the curriculum that I want to use, this year, for Rel. Ed. It wasn't on the official diocesan approved list, but Fr. Peter (diocesan head of rel. ed.) said it would be no problem, if the parish administrator approves it. So now, I hope to get the diocese to provide it for our students, so we don't have to pay for all the books. But if they don't, these are much lower cost than the other ones.
So only good things happened today, and lots of them. I really needed a day like today. :)


At 8/17/2005 4:23 PM, Blogger no name said...

Ah... i never did the letterboxing but i love to carve! i haven't carved in some time for all the painting. think i'll have to sit with a carving session before too long.
you should post more of your work. or maybe i just haven't read here long enough to see it.


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