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Sunday, August 14, 2005


I have a headache - a bad one. I didn't get enough sleep last night, then had to get up and get 'presentable' for a morning D.R.E. meeting in the next town. The meeting went well. I always enjoy them, - and enjoyed seeing Fr. Peter, and my fellow D.R.E.s from the northern part of the diocese - but I've turned into such a 'hermit' that I just dread having to go anywhere - ESPECIALLY in the morning. I'm NOT a morning person.
Then I was supposed to babysit Mathieu and Zachary today while Reagan and Amy went somewhere to see about show goats and take care of other livestock related tasks. Zach, of course, went with Chuck (DH) everywhere today, to the next town to take care of banking, to haul garbage, and then to go riding. He got to take Ruff and ride him in the front pasture where Chuck cut all those trail patterns, and they did a few things differently too, to make it more fun.
Mathieu stayed with me, of course, being so young. But ohmygosh, I feel like I have been talked to death. My ears actually hurt toward the end of the day! He didn't do so well on the potty training either. LOL! He is absolutely precious, and I love him totally, but I am not the fun grandma that I was a few years ago. I just get so worn out, so easily with little ones. Quite a change from when I used to have projects lined up at a moment's notice, and games and new, fun activities just waiting for grandchildren of all ages to come over. :/
It was late when Reagan and Amy got back, and they had bought two new show goats and they were given a puppy. I love dogs, but I was so unhappy that they took a puppy, when that jackass down the road from their house (and our cabin) is shooting dogs. *****************
Anyway, Zach is spending the night here, as he does every Saturday night. It got so late, that he is in bed now. We didn't get to play cards or a board game or anything like that.
The photo is of Reagan, Mathieu and Zachary when we were all looking at the goats and the puppy after they got back here.


At 8/14/2005 10:41 AM, Blogger Thorn said...

Wanda, age does that to us! I'm not as energetic with my five year old as I was with all my nieces and nephews years ago! I remember being able to swing my nephew around in circles forever, as he screamed for me "Do it again, Do it again!" I'm lucky to make one full rotation with Kayley (hehe)


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