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Saturday, August 20, 2005


High Noon - This is what I received from BuZ Blurr when I sent him a postcard (shown in this blog, earlier this month) as he requested in his blog. Isn't all this really great?!

5:00pm - Just woke up from a nap and another weird dream. Space age hospital medicine, diagnosis/examination (even of those not there for medical treatment) without even seeing the doctors or the impliments used, surprise diagnosis of fatal illness for relative-in-law, leaving the hospital by a huge ramp from far up, down to the street below. Gee, it sounds like an alien abduction dream! LOL! Folks, I'm not on anything stronger than Diet Coke, I swear! I had a couple of other miscellaneous weird dreams too, but I can't remember them now.

Chuck got home at 3pm. He's over at the cabin now. Reagan and Zach were supposed to be expanding the goat pens today. I guess he's overseeing that. It's smothered pork chops for dinner. Zachary will be spending the night like he does every Saturday.


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