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Monday, August 29, 2005


This is a photo of me under my 'shoe tree' a couple of months ago. I didn't get any photos taken today, so I decided to use this one taken in mid-June. I need to get on the ball and paint and add more shoes.

I went to bed last night feeling sick in my stomach, woke up in the middle of the night with a headache, then this morning, I felt a little better, but still not right. When I went to church early to get the room organized for children's religious education registration (otherwise known as 'C.C.D.', even though that isn't the correct term any more), it had been transformed to how it will be during the Fall Fiesta next week. So I had to move tables and chairs back in, etc. It worked out fine, though. I got everything done, then went in to Mass, where DH and Zach were already there, waiting for me. We always go separately, since I have to be there early and then Zach and I stay for classes, and I have to stay a while after they are over. So after Mass, we were really packed with people registering their kids...quite a few new ones too. So we got breakfast served to the kids, and got everyone registered. While classes were going on, I took care of paperwork and Sylvia and Annie came in to talk, too. After classes, Annie stayed, and I helped her move all the tables and chairs back to how they had been. My stomach started feeling bad again, and by the time I got home, about 3-4 hours after I left, I had my headache back too. So I laid back in my recliner, and ate breakfast - DH had bought tacos - and watched Sponge Bob with Zachary. Then he and DH left to go to the cabin and then go to the next town for horse feed. After that, I went to bed, and slept until 7pm. I did feel better when I got up though. And DH had cooked a good dinner - grilled steaks, spinach, asparagus and potatoes. He took Zach home after dinner. That's about it for my day...


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