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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Not much went on today. Reagan came over last night, aired up the tire on my van and took it over to my cousin's to fix it. But the only time I used the van today was to go to the post office.

Andrew called and said he was coming down to change the oil on Samantha's car, here. So I asked him to bring a pizza and I'd reimburse him. He and Sam both came, and brought his puppy, 'Buddha', whose name he is thinking about changing to 'Mad Mardigan' (from the old movie, 'Willow'). I love dogs and especially puppies. He is so cute. Of course, Carl and Laverne didn't want anything to do with him. After he had been there for about an hour, though, Laverne finally came around and played with him. I wish I would have taken a picture, but didn't think of it at the time. The photo above is of Carl and Laverne, who hate to have their picture taken and always get bashful and 'droop' when the camera points to them. Silly non-photogenic dogs.

Andrew also said Stewart told him he could take all the DVDs he wanted from the lockers he sent back here from Kuwait, as he was leaving for Baghdad. He only took one huge garbage bag full of DVDs though, since that was enough for quite a while.

I did get all the mailings colated, signed, addressed and mailed to the religious ed. parents. I even decorated the envelopes a little, with rubberstamps...just a simple background and then a Bible verse. I mailed a postcard to Angela Genusa for her bird art call...and then was taken by surprise to see one documented on her blog, that was the same concept as mine.

T-shirts - have you noticed how so many t-shirts have such negative, mean-spirited, bad attitude sayings on them? I'm talking about back to school clothes for children and teens. Watching TV tonight, I saw one that said 'Buy Me Something'. Not bad at all, compaired to many, but still...greed, comsumerism, materialism. I've seen some that are really disgusting and discouraging - at Walmart in the kids and teens dept. of all places. They should market t-shirts that say, 'Pray For Me'. Now that would be beneficial. Or 'Think positive!', 'Integrity', or 'Be kind' - LOL! Not real snappy, but going in the right direction, anyway. ;)


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