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Thursday, September 01, 2005


I don't know why, but I feel really down tonight - sad and depressed. Hopefully, it will clear up soon. I miss Shabree and worry about her since her mother took her and moved 3-4 hours away... This is a photo of Shabree from when we were in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico, in the Spring. It's not a very good one at all, but the only one I have from the digital camera.
Let's's happenings.... Lydia called around 11 because Annie asked her to remind me that I said I'd come help her with some Fall Fiesta related things in the classroom building. I'd completely forgotten about it! So I went over there and it didn't take too long, but things kept coming up. But I did ask her about my expenses for last year - how it all turned out. She couldn't find my folder, but eventually did and I was thrilled that I came out only 4 cents in the red!!!! I couldn't believe it! Not after the Mexican tour bus fiasco, and all those extra books I had to order, and re-order replacements and order extra again and again. I made a copy of the ledger for me to keep, to look over when I am feeling buried in expences later on this year. ;) Actually, this year is looking pretty good. I have a nice pad so far, and am pretty set, so that I won't have any pre$$ing need$. I don't think!
While I was there, I took care of some things I needed to do, too. So it was a fairly productive morning. The books I had ordered came in and so did the calendars and missals and song books for the coming year. I delivered registration records and books to the classrooms. It was afternoon when I came home again. When I was leaving Lydia reminded me about tonight's meeting, which I had also forgotten all about!
After I got home, Andrew called and wanted to know if we had an extra computer here. He said he was going to have to drop one of his classes if he didn't have a computer. Without Stewart here to know what he has, what is working correctly and what goes with what, I told him I'd just buy him a computer. So he's coming over in the morning to pick up a check.
So tonight, I forgot all about Mass at 6pm...What is with my memory today?! But I went to the meeting/seminar. There was a pretty good turnout. But ***** got into an argument with the presenter....sigh. I don't know what is with *** lately. ***** just argues tenaciously about stuff that is beside the point. Anyway, when the meeting was over, I came home and that's about it for my day.
Gas is up to 2.99/gallon tonight - I made it a point to check on my way home. Lydia was just given a gas card to use to get to work. There were discussions today about people having to car pool more, and put off unneccessary trips into town, and things like that. We should be doing that anyway, I guess. I still haven't gotten a bicycle like I said I was going to do, a couple of months ago. I just really don't know if I'd use it.


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