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Sunday, September 04, 2005


Today's mail art is a great postcard from Angela Genusa. :)

I finally heard from Shabree today. So that was a relief. I had been calling around for days, to all the phone numbers I had from various sources to try to get in touch with any of her mother's family to try to talk to her. So finally one of them got the message to her and she called. We miss her so much!

Then as soon as I hung up from talking to her, *******, the ************* called from *********, wanting to know if I'd seen/heard anything from *************. They were *****************. ***** sounded awful - crying, etc. I had noticed that they both seemed to be gone for weeks. Then they were back, but *** left again and it's been a couple of weeks again. Apparently they had another of their fights and she took off and is in her other house near ********. The kids don't want her to have anything to do with her husband, she says, but she loves him and said so many heartwrenching things. People just make their own trouble so often. They both seem like such likable people in so many ways, but you know you are asking for trouble when ************************************. Lots of drama - fights, police involvement, etc. Lifestyle issues. It's like I tell my kids, grandchildren, and students - everyone wants to be happy in life. The way to do that is to live a moral life and follow the ten commandments. Not in a somber, legalistic way, but with JOY and LOVE. Why do people court such 'rough' ways of life?! Anyway, *** wants me to watch for **********to ******* and take *********, and a message to call **** collect, and let *** use our phone. Oy vey! ...And since I wrote this at 4pm, *** has called 3 MORE times to check and want me to do other things....which I am not going to do. Staying out of it! Well, I am praying for them. I do like them both and as I said, they have good hearts. And I do hate to see anyone hurting.

About 10 minutes after that call, one of my teachers calls me and says she stopped into her classroom and found that someone had moved major signage/marquees into it, rendering it useless for class tomorrow morning! We were surprised last week when our conference/breakfast room we were using for registration and breakfast for the students, was completely rearranged with tables and chairs removed. It was a good thing I got their so early, so I could scrounge and move a few tables and chairs to make somewhat of a usuable space for us. So...for this week, I decided we will combine two classes and move into the other class's room, and show a film. I realize these are special circumstances, but I would think they would give our students a little consideration.

There are evacuees from New Orleans being bused into our area. It sure seems like quite a distance to come, but I guess it's necessary. And...we are having a thunder storm! Heavy rain! We sure do need it, but I hope it lets off for tomorrow since the Fiesta is an outdoor affair.


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