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Friday, September 09, 2005


Here is the catch of the day...two mail art postcards from Robot/Pablo Wright, a Burning Man postcard from Jacqui, sent from Black Rock Playa, and a note from my sister, Jan, with a funny newspaper clipping that looks like Mathieu. She just wanted to cheer me up. :)
This morning I went to the school, because it was Grandparents Day there. There were cookies and juice in the main elementary building hall. I signed in there, then went to Zach's room in the other building, where he was having breakfast (a pear and milk). I was glad to see it was that, since last year (probably at times this year, too) breakfast was frequently honeybuns, pop tarts and things like that. YIKES! Anyway, so then we both went and had cookies and juice and he sent me with an extra cookie to take to Mathieu. I talked to the man who lives in the next block with the GORGEOUS gardens...Bob Calvert. He is the NICEST man. Relatively new in town, he is disabled and came to be near his son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. He is just the most awesome man. Someday I need to take a photo of him sitting in his chair, working in his garden. Anyway, after that, Zach and I went back to his classroom and I looked at some of the artwork, etc. It was a good morning.
Chuck came home early today. He had to buy a set of new tires for his pickup, to the tune of nearly $600. Zachary and Mathieu are both spending the night with us tonight. It's Reagan and Amy's anniversary, and they went out to eat.
Stewart called from Baghdad tonight. He is fine. We sure do miss him.


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