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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


This is a photo of some of my dolls. These are not for display, but for regular play - and for making online photo stories. My granddaughter has pretty much made hash out of them at the moment. There is a whole community of grown-ups online who have groups and make stories, accessories, summer camps, clothes, rooms, etc. for 1/6 ('Barbie', 'Kelly', 'Janet/Christi' sized)dolls. Another woman and I got into a discussion about it today, and so I told her I'd post a photo of some of my dolls on tonight's blog entry. The stories I've done are pretty low tech, and simple. I don't like to build elaborate 'sets' or things like that. So far my stories have revolved around just 2 or 3 groups of dolls. And I've had shorter little episodes too - like when we had a once in a lifetime (if even that!) foot of snow last Christmas. I had two of my 'silly Barbies' stuck in neck deep snow because they just HAD to go shopping. Then no-nonsense Jane West had to use her lasso to rescue them. ;)
There are even doll camps set up each summer where doll hobbyists can send a doll to a theme camp, operated by a doll staff, belonging to another hobbyist. My granddaughter and I have had several dolls go to camps and vacations in all parts of the world. And we hosted a visitor from Australia, too. It really is a lot of fun - very odd and kitchey. This summer there have been two camps that I know of, although we didn't participate this year. They were 'Hiz Camp' (for Kens, G.I. Joes, etc.) and a 'Plastic and Pregnant' Prego camp for dolls who are expecting. Yes, really.


At 9/07/2005 7:33 AM, Blogger "T" Van Hoecke said...

Wanda, your Wandette's are very cool. Great imagination and how fun to tell stories with them! Love the story of the dolls in the snow. I can relate being from MN.


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