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Friday, April 15, 2011


...only you can't see the blackberries very well. Mathieu and I went walking down the fenceline a couple of days ago and picked what were growing on this side of the fence and what we could reach from the other side. They are growing in a massive thorny tangle all over the ground in the tall grass and thick brush. No one else uses them, except the birds. There were still plenty of green ones and red ones that will be ripening over the next few weeks. Mat took half of them home to eat as they are. I used my half in a couple of smoothies.
On the hike back, we picked wildflowers. There are so many. There are no bluebonnets on that end of the property and we only saw one Indian paintbrush along our path, but there were plenty of turkey peppers (western peppergrass), beebalm, coneflower, silver leaf nightshade, and plains fleabane. There were others too, but we didn't pick any short stemed ones. I put them in a clear jar on the kitchen table. Pretty!

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