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Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I've been a really, really neglectful blogger for the past few months. But I am going to try to keep up better now. These are a few photos to catch up to the present. As you can tell from the jack-o-lanterns in the background, this was back in October. Samantha brought Lyric over to stay with me for a couple of hours and it was the first time she had her hair in an 'up-do'. Cute, right? But I have to admit, I love her mass of wild curls. Coconut looks like she is rolling her eyes in the background. LOL!
Amy, Reagan, Zach and Mathieu went to Storyfest in George West and bought this festive reindeer hairband for Lyric. It kept falling off, but Mathieu didn't tire of trying to put it back on to stay.
In early November we had some Montana relatives, who live in San Antonio now, come for a visit. We got together for an impromptu family photo at one point. We had a great time and a yummy meal.
The 15 little chicks that Stewart had shipped to us in early October are BIG now - as big or bigger than Midnight and Goldilocks. We have them all together in the great chicken house that Chuck made, plus he cobbled the dog kennel onto the front of it so that it can be opened to some free-rangeing as well.
Our religious education classes at church put together a food box and some crafted decorations for an outreach project. These are 4 of the students from my class posing with the box, their handprint napkin rings and some turkey centerpieces another class made. Other classes made some great placemats and some open work pumpkin decorations. I wish I would have thought to get a photo of the whole group with all the food and decorations, but I didn't.
This past Saturday was the Lighted Christmas Parade down main street in Beeville. Mathieu's Cub Scout group decorated large boxes as costumes to walk as a group along the parade route. I don't know who thought of that idea but it was fantastic. They all looked great and made a fabulous statement as walking lighted gifts. This photo was taken as they first started gathering before dark. In my opinion it was the best parade entry out of all of them.
This is the pre-parade view from where we stood along the parade route. I love that the Rialto Theater is being restored, although it will take a long time. I had to get a photo of the theater front.