The Bee Hive

Sometimes it's honey; sometimes it's sting...

Friday, May 11, 2007


Today has been a busy day. Sort of. I guess. I got up and to Mass on time, then went to the Post Office to send off all the bills, and then to Beeville to get dog and cat food and meat for the dogs daily breakfasts. This week it is pork neck bones. Actually, that's what it will be for the next 3 weeks, because I got a good deal on them and bought all they had.
I also bought these magazines and have been trying to read them ever since. When I got back home, I called Andrew who had asked me to let him know when I decided where I wanted him to take me for Mother's Day. Then I called Lydia to see if she wanted to have lunch. She did, but then later called and said she had to go to Beeville to pick up the Mother's Day flowers for Sunday, so we ended up eating from the buffet at New China instead of having catfish at The Chisholm Trail.

Earlier, a man came by to ask if I wanted him to mow and weedeat. I did, since my regular guy is sick. So I had to make sure Patti-Jo was inside, with Carl and Coconut, and crated before I left with Lydia. He was already here and started when I returned, and gosh, he took about 5 hours. I had to let Patti-Jo out the second he was through with the back yard. And Carl and Coconut had to take a potty break while he was still out there. When he finally left, I swept off the doorway and driveway and all that, and sat down with my magazines.

Then a boy came to the door selling tamales. I bought a dozen for $6.50, so I guess that will be my dinner for the next 3 days or so. I have no idea how to get the photos to go where I want them to, so it looks like they are going to stack themselves up at the top of this entry.

After that, I went out to look at my tomatoes and herbs and got the next photos. Yikes! Something is eating my tomatoes... These plants are huge, and as it turned out, planted MUCH too close together, since they got as gigantic as they did. They have pulled the tomato cages out of the ground and laid them sideways, even! There are lots of several different kinds of tomatoes, all green so far....except for one little yellow pear shaped one, which I ate.

Monday, May 07, 2007


I had a weird afternoon. Amy brought Mat by around 2pm to stay for awhile because he wanted to play with the kittens. I took him to DQ about 3 to get a snack for us and for Zach who was coming over after school for a little while. My car horn has not worked for a few months. But today when I started up the car, it started honking and honking all by itself after I got about half a block away. I pulled over and tried beating on it and kicking underneath the dash etc. Finally it stopped, only to start honking crazily again when I started the car and tried to go again. So I went back to the driveway where it stopped and then started again. Finally, it quit for good, and we went to DQ. Instead of going thru the window as I had planned, we went in to order our things. I wasnt going to take a chance on having it start honking while we were in line and unable to move away. There were only the 2-3 workers there and 1 old man who looked like he was taking a working break while on his way somewhere. He was using a calculator, phone and legal pad. Then this younger man (early 30's?) came in and hurried to the restroom, stopping at the other man's booth and asking if he was "Jim Wolf" but he wasn't. After about a minute, the guy came trotting out of the bathroom, grabbed a straw from the supply stand and went back into the restroom. Hmmm... I was taking a dim view of that, when another man came in, looking like a tall, large, straight (I assume.) Truman Capote w/o the hat. He stood right behind and beside me blocking the door, with one hand behind his back, just standing there and looking. Mat had left the video games and was back at our table by then so I got him and said we'd wait in the car for our order. (Yeah, paranoia!) So the clean-cut apparent coke-head and the potential mass murderer (as I passed, it was only his car keys that he held up behind his back) came out together and got into a new pickup, and we went back in just as the waitress was bringing our food out. Ha! Well, that was my little excitement for the day.