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Thursday, December 28, 2006


I have had a rough time the past couple of days accessing my blog and also Shabree's blog...ever since changing over to blogger's new improved service. So today I gave up and started a new blog - So if this blog suddenly appears to become stalled, please check there. I already have two entries and some photos on it. Of course tonight I managed to get on here and make this one work. So now I don't know whether to transfer things from the new blog and keep this one or what. Frankly, I'm afraid to trust either of them too much.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Before I start whining, here is a photo taken last week of a few of the Religious Education students with the wreaths they made as Christmas gifts for their families. They are great kids, and they did a really nice job on the wreaths.

Now for the whining... I just can't seem to get well. I have been sick since the day before Thanksgiving. It will be a couple of days of dizziness and fever, followed by a couple of days of feeling 'okay', but weak and totally devoid of energy, followed by a day or two of nausea, followed by a day - or two if I am lucky - of feeling nearly okay...followed by...well, you get the picture. It just goes over and over again. The past two days have been of extreme nausea, plus weakness. Today is only slightly better - so far.

Nothing is getting done for Christmas yet! I did get the tree inside and 'up' - no lights, but it does have Christmas cards arranged in the branches. Unfortunately, I backed over the darn thing when it was still on the front driveway - knocked it down and parked on top of it. I had to get back in the van and pull up and off of it. My sister asked if I was getting another one. I told her, "Heck no! I don't care how many times I run over that sucker, this is IT for this year!" It only broke off one branch - the top one. No, I didn't get a photo.

That's it for now. I'm heading back to the bed. I just really want to start keeping up with my blog, daily, again, so decided to start NOW, before I get to feeling worse again.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I guess you could say Shabree took a personal day, today. I had been so sick recently, and this morning, I just did not hear the alarm. I turned it off in my sleep. When I did wake up it was 10 minutes until 8. School starts at 8. I woke Shabree up, and she had a hard time getting awake, which is not like her on a school day. She did rush, valiantly, because she really does like going to school. But she does NOT like to be late. Gone are the days where if you are late to school, you just walk in the classroom late, and pick up from there. It was 8:20 when we were ready to drive the aproximately 2 blocks to school. So...she opted to take a personal day and make cookies, get the Wandette's Christmas tree and a few other things down from the attic, clear and start the rearranging of Marlene's bookshelf home, for the holidays, and putter around in general. Word on the shelves is that Marlene and Barbara et all are having an early Christmas party for the Kelly dolls. These are three tiny plates of the cookies she made, all wrapped and ready to take to her teachers tomorrow.
This photo was taken Sunday before last - just because I like flowers and bugs. I have no idea what kind of bugs these were, inside the faded pink rose.
Garrett came home from Pasedena for the weekend a couple of weeks ago, and hung lights all around the front and side of the house for me. Such a good son!
Here is Coconut on Thanksgiving Day over at the cabin.
This photo of Mathieu and Shabree was taken in front of the rectory the same day I took the bugs and rose photo. Would you believe this big poinsettia originated from one planted after Christmas one year from the altar flowers?! You can't see, but it spreads wide the other way too, and is about 10-12 feet tall.
Aren't they cute?! These are three of our youngest religious education students - Mathieu, Lucy and Maya.

That's it, I guess. If I'd post more often, I'd have more to tell. But when I have to catch up like this, any stories I want to relate would take forever.