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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Just a quick hello... I've been too busy and/or preoccupied and/or lazy to blog lately, but here is a photo of Coconut that Zach took the other night in the newly finished sweater of doom. See her face? She is not happy. This is a great photo compared to the many, MANY we tried to get before this last one. Not only was it the sweater of doom, if was also the sweater of total limpness right up until this photo when I finally got her to stand....sort of.

My camera may be biting the dust. All the photos I had taken from Thanksgiving until now are pretty much orange tinted.
QUESTION OF THE DAY!!! - Could anyone (besides me) see the video on the last blog entry? One person told me they couldn't, but I don't know if that is universal or not. Please let me know....

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