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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


YUM-O! Lydia had to go return a printer over her lunch hour late last week, so she asked me to go along with her. We had lunch at my favorite place in Beeville - Taqueria Jalisco. Look at that food! Two of my favorites - guacamole and the pastor grilled meats. She had the shrimp something-or-other.
Today I finished working on the grant report and update that we got recently. And hopefully we'll get the grant I applied for earlier for the Religious Education program. We won't know until mid to late February.
Chuck's old neck injury and surgery is 'coming undone' for lack of better terminology. He's been in serious pain since before Christmas. He's gotten a new MRI and the results and goes to see a different specialist tomorrow. It looks like surgery again, although he is not committing to it yet.
Prayer would be very welcome.