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Monday, March 05, 2007


This is a photo I took at the parish about a week and a half ago. Peach tree blossoms! Aren't they gorgeous? I'm hoping the tree produces lots of fruit. We had to cut both huge fig trees down to the ground last fall, because they were planted right against a building and that had caused them to grow out over the ground, making it impossible to mow under them. They are coming back now, and hopefully will be able to grow straighter this time. I don't know if we'll be able to get a crop of figs this year, though.

I paid for a rototiller rental Saturday and Reagan did the work we both needed done. So I got a strip around two sides of the front driveway done - by the basketball net and the front side by it. I had let the Halloween pumpkins rot there and am hoping for won't be in Oct. but better than not at all.
Then he did a strip just off the back porch on the east side. I'm going to put herbs there, I think. I already bought dill and lemon balm and have basil coming up in last years pots that I'll transfer. Later after I had raked it, I had Garrett move a big square paver to just off-center to be the place to step down.
Next was a small square, maybe 5' x 5' just out from there, past the clothesline. That is for tomatoes that I want to watch closely. I bought 4 heirloom tomato plants, of 3 diff. varities. And I'll plant basil and marigolds there too.
Then the (not so) 'big' garden is just to the north of where it usually is. It is smaller than previous years since I'll have tomatoes in the other bed. I bought a 6 pack of red cabbage plants and those will go there, but I don't know what else yet. Mixed salad greens, squash, eggplant maybe....I need to look some more now that it's actually ready to go.

Yesterday I took some of the junior high kids from the parish, to the annual Jr. High Youth Spectacular in Corpus Christi. It is an all day long event. The day started early. I left the house at 7:30a.m. - quite a feat with my insomnia back again, although I think it is on the wane now.

Unfortunately, my camera was acting up...low batteries and user error(!) I only got this one photo - Zach and Salvador playing one of the many really fun games. Everyone had a good time, and I got to see some of my other D.R.E. friends that I don't get to see all that much.