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Monday, November 01, 2010


My son said it's a whole lot harder painting nails than he ever realized. LOL! We started our Halloween celebration on Friday the 29th, when Garrett and Ruth came by while making their annual "in costume" rounds of friends and family. This was their trial run before hitting the costume contests in the area, and then heading to Austin for some big parties and contests there.
It's the Mad Hatter (ala' Tim Burton/Johnny Depp) and Alice (dressed as she was in the Red Queen's court). Garrett loves - LOVES - dressing up in costume and acting out a role. He even learned the fudderwacking dance for this!
It was hard to look Garrett in the eyes with those icky contacts. *Shudderrrr!* He fashioned a gap in his front teeth, too. Ruth had a skeleton type key around her neck. I hope the red coloring came out of Garrett's dredlocks okay.
Here is a little assemblage I made for Lyric for Halloween. These are a lot of fun to do, although I think I am through with them for awhile. Maybe I'll get back to it in a few weeks for some Christmas ones.
This is what I made for Mathieu. He loved it!
This was Halloween night. He was a vampire for trick-or-treat. I haven't seen him yet today to ask how it went. I hope they found a good number of houses participating.
Here was our only other trick-or-treater of the night - Mayra and her mom. Her dad had decorated a small trailer with lights and decorations to pull behind the car to make the evening more festive.
That was it for our 2010 Halloween....not 'all out' like it used to be a few years ago, but nice anyway.