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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


This is a very interesting mail art sheet I received from Ryosuke Cohen, of Japan, a few days ago. Really amazing! THANKS, Ryosuke!
This morning I finally went to Corpus Christi for some Christmas shopping. I made a BIG dent in it, but I am so exhausted, I can hardly move. I got home around 7:30, bringing Schlotsky's for dinner. I cried 'Uncle' before going to all the places I intended to, but, oh, well... I'll probably go back in a week or two to finish up.


This is a gorgeous painting I won from Stevie C., whose blog I read. I commented on it when she first painted it, and so when I won her contest, she gave me a choice of prizes, and I picked this. I love bottle trees, and this painting is so vibrant and wonderful! THANKS again, Stephanie!!!
Today was another day that I put off my Christmas shopping trip. I don't know why I feel so...way past overdue with it. Granted it IS later than it should be, but it's not even December yet, for goodness sake!
I went to Beeville today, skipped dropping the plastic bags off at Goodwill...went to the place where I last took aluminum cans to be recycled, and apparently they've been closed for years from the looks of things. I don't even know if there IS a place that takes aluminum in Beeville. I have given up on drinking Coke Zero, since it only comes in aluminum cans now. It's too much trouble squashing the cans, and saving them until I can find a recycle center. I guess those three bags of cans will stay in the van a while longer. I did go to both Dollar Stores though, something I rarely do, since I don't like the feeling of supporting human rights abuses in China. I was looking for purple ribbon and Christmas decorations without much luck. I did get Shabree a crocheted hat and a birthstone angel necklace. Got a couple of candles that say the wick is lead-free, and a box of some rice crispie treats, since I had been hungry for one for days. Then I went to Walmart and returned some things, and got plaster of paris to set my Christmas 'branch' in. Then I stopped in Sonic for cheddar peppers and a gingerbread 'blizzard'... or whatever they call their version of a blizzard.
When I got back to Skidmore, I went to see if Zachary could come help me set the branch in the plaster. I mixed the plaster and it took a lot more than I thought it would. Then I had him hold it in place while I washed up the mess and then washed dishes, with him standing behind me sighing heavily. I told him to be glad he didn't live in China where children his age have to do hard boring things like that all day long every day. When I finished the dishes, I held it awhile, and since it had set up about half way, he went to find some bricks to hold it in place. So I sat down with a Diet Coke, and he sat down with two pieces of pumpkin pie, while it continued to dry. Then he went up in the attic and got the door wreath, and the angel, and looked through the BIG box of Christmas stuff to get the things I knew I wanted to use this year. I will probably have to get more down later, but didn't need everything down at once.
Chuck came home not long after we finished, so I gave Zachary the box of Rice Crispie treats and Chuck took him home.
I had planned to put the, branch... on the buffet, where I've had trees/branches before, but it is too tall for that. In fact, the coffee table is the only thing low enough for it to sit on. Soooo I guess I'll move the recliner to the other side of the couch, clear off and maybe move the dry sink, straighten the tall bookshelf, and move the coffee table with the branch to where the recliner is now. But then, I know Coconut is going to chew and pull on a tree skirt hanging down... We can't put presents under the tree/branch either... and no setting up the one Nativity set on the shelf of the coffee table.... Gee, just when Mathieu was getting halfway civilized, we get Coconut.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I finally took the van in to get the tire fixed this morning. It looked flat to me, but Amy came by to follow me to Beeville on her way to Normanna to wrap Christmas presents with Mimi. I went by Stop n Shop (or whatever it's called) to air it up first, but their machine was out of order. So then drove over to Papa's, and they didn't have an air machine. So I just took off for Beeville, and made it okay. After that, I went to Goodwill, (The Metropolitan Museum of Art Activity Book and a teacher's folder from the 70's with a great collection of students' art and copied poetry), Zimmer's Nursery, Walmart, Tractor Supply Company, Taqueria Jalisco, Walmart, again, and back to Skidmore. I went to the parish office because I remembered Annie asked last night on the phone if I was going to stop by today or not, but I couldn't remember why. Anyway, I had the directions for the discloth angels, and some of the plastic mesh she wanted, so I took those. We talked for awhile, then as I was leaving, Father came out and asked me about the Posada.
At the Post Office I had a mailbox totally stuffed with good things. A couple of them are pictured above - a cheery letter from Val, in Canada, with a photo of her really nice washtub water feature, and a mail art postcard from J. Boyd. The front is shown here, I'll show the other side in a few days. Both sides are marvelous - the front has dreamy drawings on it. THANKS Val and J.! I also got two packages - a candlemaking book I got for Annie from eBay, and a painting I won from Stevie. Since I knew the one package was for Annie, I went back to the office and opened them both there, so Lydia and Annie could see the wonderful painting too. I'll be showing the photo here soon. Then when I finally got home, UPS had put a package inside my door - the 20 Posada booklets I bought. Tomorrow I'll take one to Father Sebastian.
Since I didn't have any luck finding something to use for a Christmas tree today.... Allright - I know what you are thinking. You're thinking, "There are Christmas trees everywhere! Why can't she just get a Christmas tree?" Well, now - that would be just too easy, wouldn't it? Buy a Christmas tree for Christmas?! Ppshaw! ...or however you spell it. ANYWAY, I always get some kind of living tree, bush or shrub that will actually grow here...hopefully. Some years I don't buy a tree of any kind, since we have other decorations and little room. And several times I have used a cut branch, spray painted it white and decorated that. The nursery didn't have anything I wanted to buy. I have killed too many of those gorgeous rosemary bushes trimmed into perfect cones. In fact, I have killed many, many other things too, so I refuse to pay over $5 a foot for a Christmas 'tree'. And it has to be something that has a reasonable chance of survival...which leaves out the large, bushy, cheap ($14) Norfolk Island Pines that Walmart is selling. So I cut a (4'-5')limb off of the crepe myrtle late this afternoon. It was a limb that needed to go anyway. Tomorrow, I guess I'll see about setting it in plaster or something, then spray it white.
I had planned on a major shopping trip to Corpus Christi tomorrow, but put it off again. I need to weed out a lot of books, magazines, games and videos/DVDs to take to Half-Price Books, and I STILL haven't done it.
Annie and Lydia invited me to go with them tomorrow to SuperWalmart and Hobby Lobby in Calallen and Goodwill in Annaville, but I don't think I'll do that either. It would be fun. Annie and I would go to Lydia's house in San Patricio, then leave from there. But I'm just so tired for some reason, and I really need to get some things done here.

Monday, November 28, 2005


Zach and I gave Coconut a bath this afternoon. She didn't like it at all, of course.
C.C.D. went well this morning. I had a larger than usual jr.high and high school class. Attendance was really good in the younger classes too. Mary Lopez stopped in the breakfast room and told the kids and teachers how much the elderly shut-ins that she visits, had told her they appreciated the turkey boxes.
We had another person volunteer for hosting one night of the Posada, and another one finalize the date for their night. Now we have 5 of the 9 evenings covered. So we're getting there. I'm not going to stress about it. No, I'm not. If we have nights not covered, then we just won't have a posada on those nights. No, we won't.
I also asked Mrs. H. if she and her husband and new baby could be Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus...(and their 18 month old, could be an angel who accompanies them)...for the Posada at the beginning of the Christmas program and party on the 18th. She's going to get back to me. Soon, I hope.
Chuck cooked dinner tonight and Zach stayed and ate with us. He ate at the computer...which explains why my keys and the mouse are crusty. :/

Sunday, November 27, 2005


This little graphic was one that I used as my online signature for years. I love this little guy. Then one forum changed to pay, and the others changed to pay if you wanted more than 'basic', and on basic you couldn't use graphics. So not using this, I eventually lost it. I just found it again, and am using it on forum #1, which is no longer 'pay'.
Chuck and Zach poured a lot more concrete today over at the property, where they are building a barn. Chuck said Zachary worked really hard and did a really good job. He is sound asleep now, on the couch, and has been for quite a while. When they came home from over there, Chuck said he'd buy if I'd fly - to get pizza for dinner. I guess he's tired of turkey. So Zach and I went to Beeville, and while the pizzas were cooking, went to Walmart for cat food, Pledge, C.C.D. snacks, etc. I got a magazine and he got a book, too. They had these life size wall mount plastic deer heads that talk and sing. Good grief. And they cost $100. Good grief again. An abomination, and yet, strangely fascinating in a ghastly sort of way. Shudder...

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Nothing much happened today. We polished off Samantha's green bean casserole, and made a dent in everything else. Chuck was going to drop my medicine bottle off to be refilled, when he noticed it said, "0 refills" and that it had the wrong doctor listed. Yikes! I called and got it straightened out though, and later in the afternoon, I got the refill myself. Against my better judgement, I stopped in Walmart for a new door mat. It really wasn't too crowded, and the check out lines were short too. There was a choice of maybe 4 door mats, none of which I wanted, but we had to have one, so I got the one I disliked the least.

I was really surprised and happy to see the complete Chronicles of Narnia there too - one copy left. It was a cheap edition with all the works in one volume. It wasn't the nice set I had hoped to get Zach, but better that than nothing, if I wanted him to be able to read it before the movie comes out in mid-Dec. He is a voracious reader and absorbs everything he reads. I gave it to him when he and Chuck got back to the house after I came home. They are spending the night over at the cabin. Mathieu too. ;)

Friday, November 25, 2005


We had a nice Thanksgiving. It would have been better though, if Stewart, Ashley and Roy, Ashlyn and Alyson could have been here. The photo above was the only one taken that turned out clear and sharp.Those are our two youngest sons, Andrew and Garrett. I don't know what the problem was...tired photographer, I guess. It was a wild day. Andrew brought Buddha, and he was every bit as bouncy and playful as the last time I saw him, but about three times as large! Coconut, as wild and rough as she is, is also shy around dogs she doesn't know, and this was the first time they had seen each other. So she spent a lot of time hiding, cowering and squealing. Buddha wasn't even being rough. She was interested in him, but just too scared of him when he got near her, jumping and running.
The food was all good. Disaster was averted when I mistook the jar of cumin for the poultry seasoning. I had already dumped some into the dressing, when I noticed the smell. So I picked it out as best I could, and found the right jar, thankfully. There was a gravy snafu when I realized I had added all the chopped giblets to the dressing, failing to save any for giblet gravy. There wouldn't have been enough anyway. So I used some turkey gravy-in-a-jar (yuck!) that I happened to have in the cabinet. No giblet gravy this year.
Well, I was going to write a mushy 'thankful' entry tonight, but I am just too tired. I'll close with another weird dream I remembered and typed as soon as I woke up this morning...
I had this job where I worked with a small team of people fascilitating all kinds of events. In this instance we were organizing a business award event. I didn't like my job much, but was experienced and good at it. This was an outdoor event, with tables set up everywhere, a large stage, etc., and sort of a festival atmosphere...only it was formal. While I was working to try to get things ready, since the event was taking place shortly, I met the wife of this man who was my close co-worker. She was already sitting at one of the tables, waiting for him, and was complaining to me about how much he worked away from home etc. I was trying to be encouraging to her, but was extremely busy, and knew it just couldn't be helped, that that was how the job worked.
There was this large ladies room that all the women were keeping their purses in, and when I went in to get mine, it was missing. And in looking for it, I accidently knocked hers over. She had followed me in and was still whining to me, when it happened. I apologized, but was more concerned with finding my missing purse. I think I finally did. Not sure...
Then the dream changed. My part of the event set-up was over, so I walked past it to the side streets surrounding it. I was no longer dressed formally, and was much more relaxed. Chuck and I, and Reagan, Amy, Zach and Mathieu were in Bandera enjoying a little 'mini-vacation', I guess. We were walking down the streets stopping in various interesting shops. But it was more like Mexico than Bandera.
Chuck and I left the shopping district and went for a drive in the outlying area. Every house no matter how small or humble had very colorful flowers, veggies, vines, etc. growing in the yard. He wanted to take a longer drive, but I knew Reagan and Amy had been almost ready to go when we left, so we turned around to go back into town.
All the farm fields had golf greens (single hole) along the road sides - just straight shots in. But they were laid with white limestone chips, and had flowers in a wide circle around the holes. It was in honor of a famous golfer who died.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


This photo was taken yesterday when Amy, Mathieu and I went to Walmart. I stayed home all day today and decluttered somewhat. All the Halloween stuff is finally back in the attic, too. There were only two work-related phone calls I had to take care of. And two others asking me cooking related questions. Cooking. Me. Imagine! ...Okay, so Jan was only asking me to look in a cookbook of mine that she had copied a recipe from. She wanted me to double check something. And then Ashley wanted to know how to make... Well, never mind. She is her mother's daughter. ;)
I still have plenty to do in the morning, plus vaccuum and dust. Coconut needs a bath too. We always have Thanksgiving dinner around 3 or 4pm, so that's good. I don't have to start right in with the cooking at the crack of dawn. Chuck bought dinner tonight at The Chisholm Trail. He tried calling the order in, but the line was continually busy. So finally he went up there, and ordered it in person. They were swamped! They told him it would be a 45 minute wait. So he went to get the mail, then came home awhile before going back to pick it up. I don't guess anyone wants to cook the night before Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Amy called this morning to see if I wanted to go to Beeville with her and Mathieu. On the way, Mathieu got upset because he had left his dollar on the table at home. He had planned to buy an icee with it. Amy told him she would pay for it, but he loudly insisted he needed his dollar. He wanted us to turn around and go back and get his dollar. I asked him, if I gave him my dollar for the icee, if that would work. He said yes, so more yelling was averted. He just wanted to have a dollar himself and hold it until he gave it to the clerk at Walmart. ;) At HEB, I emptied some more photos from my digital camera. LOVE the quick convenience of those Kodak Picture Machines. Then at Walmart, I got art supplies - paints, a couple of packages of different kinds of paintbrushes, and a set of glitter glue pens for Ashlyn and Alyson. Oh, and a DVD - The Polar Express, and a really interesting historical book, The Black West, and a package of dog toys for Coconut, in an effort to keep her from chewing up everything we own. And Mathieu got his icee. ;)
At Tractor Supply I got two really cute pony purses for Ashlyn and Alyson, and the inside scoop for what Zach and Mathieu wanted, so I'll go back and get those things tomorrow.
Back at home, Andrew called and said he is over his virus and will be here for Thanksgiving. Shabree called too. I wish she could be here for Thanksgiving, but apparently she's not going to be able to, even though she wants to come, badly. Sigh... But she will be here for the Christmas holidays, thankfully.
An observation - this date used to be the one that everyone said, 'Do you remember where your were when you heard...?' Now, September 11th has taken over much of that distinction.

Monday, November 21, 2005


I woke up this morning surprised to have gotten so much better overnight. My symptoms have lessened so much, that they are not that much of a problem anymore. I was tempted to celebrate by getting a lot of much needed work done, but was afraid I'd be right back where I was before, if I didn't take it easy. I had called the doctor and was supposed to come in as a walk-in patient, but when I went out to the van, it had a flat tire...One of the same two that have had slow leaks for a long time. The ones that no one but me thinks look low...until they are 'inexplicably' flat. Sigh...
So no Christmas shopping is done yet... I am getting nervous about that. Especially since I have very few ideas. The Thanksgiving food is in the house, at least. I guess I'll start putting some of it together tomorrow.
The baby quilt above is another one that I bought at Goodwill a few years ago....lots of great vintage fabrics. This one is a really plain pattern, but homey and comforting nonetheless. Unfortunately, Shabree played with this one a lot with her dolls, and the thread didn't hold up well. It is in desperate need of repair along the seams and binding. One of these days...

Sunday, November 20, 2005


I didn't get to church as early as usual this morning, but I did manage to get the 11 turkey boxes moved over from the breakfast room to the church,(with the aid of some good helpers), and distribute them to children to carry up to the front at the end of Mass.
While the children were bringing them up so the food could be blessed, I talked about the Posada, the need for more breakfast volunteers and then about the turkey boxes for the elderly shut-ins. My voice was failing me, but everything went smoothly. After photos, the students had breakfast tacos and class, then practiced for the Christmas program. We gained two new junior high students this morning as well.
Then after I returned home and got back into my favorite sock monkey pajamas, R. called me from church saying he locked his parish keys in the business office. I don't have keys to that office, but I do have ones to the church, so I went down there and after he got his things all loaded into his car, we locked the church. I think I am probably the first person in our parish to sit in a church pew in pjs.
I do think I have pleurisy. It just hurts so much when I cough or laugh. I'm declaring it the viral kind, because there is nothing to do for that kind, you just get over it. The online Merck Manual said to do your best to continue to breathe deeply and cough when you need to, despite pain. If it doesn't work, then your lung may collapse and you'll develop pneumonia. So I am BREATHING and coughing.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


I've lounged around ALL day in my sock monkey pajamas. This is the life! At least for a day or two. It helps that it is cold and drizzley outside....and that I am sick. I did get a mountain of laundry folded and put away. Garrett came over, and I had him move the foot locker and about 8 boxes that Stewart left in the living room. He was running late the morning he left, and said he'd just email me with his address to mail them to him, instead of him taking them to the airport.
I finally got a grocery list made...then Chuck didn't go to the supermarket after all. I called Andrew about Thanksgiving. He is sick too, so don't know if he'll come or not. Zachary was over for awhile. He's spending the night, but he and Chuck may spend it over at the cabin, instead of here. I made a couple of task related phone calls. And someone dropped by with a C.C.D. question/request/snafu for me to sort out and take care of. Yeah, me with my head in a fog these days.
I had told some people I would take some pictures of the quilts I've made and upload them soon. But I am just not able to get the quilts from the top of the closet underneath ALL the quilts and blankets right now. (Gosh, do we really need 20+ blankets and quilts???) Anyway, when I was putting away some of Shabree's bedding, after I folded laundry, earlier, I saw two nice blankets that I got from Goodwill a couple of years ago. Both need repair. This is the best of the two. Look at all those cute vintage-looking cross stitch blocks. It is backed and edged with red flannel.

Friday, November 18, 2005


Today started out really good. I felt like I might be truly getting over all this congestion, etc. So I stayed in my pjs and started right in, getting a lot of things done...fed the dogs, loads of laundry, dishes, made the cards to go with the turkey baskets, got Ashlyn and Alyson's Thanksgiving package packed, addressed and ready to mail, found some craft things I bought for Annie last Dec., got them and some canned food, some paperwork, some extra cornucopia stuffings, some boots that Annie wanted for a project, etc., etc. and loaded it all in the car. Then Lydia called and asked if I was coming to the office today. She and Annie had an idea they wanted to run by me. I said I was on my way as soon as I got dressed and mailed the package. I went over there and she and Annie had a great new fundraising idea. It will be fun to work on and very interesting too. We'll begin on it in January.
Bruno stopped by and helped Annie carry some stuff to the breakfast room. Ruben stopped in too. Then Rose came to work on some things.
So I got copies made and delivered to a classroom, spiffed up the large cornucopia and set it up in the church, tried to show Annie how to make angels from kitchen linens, but couldn't remember, proof-read the bulletin, folded the bulletins, fixed mistakes on the insert strips, then cut them apart. Annie helped me divide and add food items to the turkey boxes, only by this time I was feeling really bad again, so Annie mostly did it with just a little, listless help from me. I swept the office and part of the walkway, shuffled stuff around in my own office, looked for the Advent wreath stand, but gave up and wandered away before finding it, helped Lydia with some computer things, then came home and crashed, leaving the Advent wreath stand hunt to Rose. You'd think we'd have a hard time misplacing something that big every year. Well, before crashing, I did find the instructions to make the angels, which was enlightening, and I called San Antonio to order 20 additional Posada booklets.
Ashley called to ask me about thawing a turkey and told me how the girls' dental appointments went. Roy is in D.C. right now, but was home in Florida earlier in the week, and helped supervise Ashlyn's class field trip to the zoo. He was given 1 band-aid and put in charge of 5 first graders. He said he only had to use the band-aid twice.
Amy came by bringing teh 4-H pecans I ordered from Zachary. Chuck came home early and went to the bank to deposit his check, then came back, picked up Carl and went over to feed the dogs, horses and goats. He offered to buy dinner, but I'm not hungry. There is enough stew left for his dinner, anyway.
My chest is hurting something awful. I'm back in pjs, and drinking large glasses of water as per the advice of the nun who I talked to when I ordered the Posada booklets. I think I'll feed the cats and rabbit, finish up a little more laundry, take more medicine and call it a night. Tomorrow will be another productive day, I hope, and hopefully I'll feel a lot better.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


But which is which? This is a photo from last night...Carl and Coconut. He still doesn't like her getting too close to him, but she just won't give up. At least she's not yapping and biting him.
I got up early, but ran late all day, getting very little done. Day 2 of my headache is wearing me down. It ebbs and flows, but is there all day. Right now, it's pretty bad again. I guess it's from this congestion...sinus stuff.
Lydia and I had lunch today. Then I went on to Beeville and only had three stops, but the last one - Walmart - seemed to take forever. It was around 2pm, but there were so many loud, obnoxious people in the store, and big groups of people blocking up aisles in front of the very items I needed. I hate shopping. Or at least in the same places. (I want to go to Corpus Christi to Target, Barnes and Noble, Half-Price Books, The Catholic Shoppe, Family Christian Store, a different restaurant, World Market, Petsmart and Hobby Lobby.) Of course, on the day I do finally do that, I will be exhausted and sick of shopping for a loooong time. I haven't even started on Christmas gifts yet!
At Walmart, I did get a long list of things that I needed and kept forgetting to get...all dull things. Well, I finally did get the toxic, poisonous, noxious, hazardous-to-your-health Christmas lights, after all - two boxes. Hopefully we'll make it through to the New Year. (NOTE TO SELF: Wear gloves to put them up. Then wash the gloves immediately afterwards. Threaten grandchildren not to go near them.) And I put a BUNCH of those recordable Christmas ornaments in my cart, but at $7 each, thankfully I came to my senses at the check-out and only bought one. (Everybody, talk fast!)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Stewart left this morning to return to Baghdad. Reagan and Mathieu took him to the airport. It was sad to see him go again. One good thing is his vacation this time was a little longer than usual. He gets a vacation every 4 months, so he'll come home again in either 4 or 8 months. The photo above is a year old, but I didn't have another new one on the computer. Thankfully, he's lost the beard since this photo was taken, and his hair is natural again.
Amy came by for a little while, and then later Reagan and Mathieu came by to get the recipe he always borrows for hunting camp - Quick Sausage Supper.
I went by the parish office to pick up my mail from there, touch base with the secretary on several things, go to the rectory and talk to Father Sebastian about some plans, spiff up the turkey boxes, and check the amount of food and toiletries donated so far, spread out the boxes and start distributing the donations, and take care of some odds and ends in my office. The new feathery angel wings are in and they look 'mmaahvelous'. Mr. and Mrs. A. were in Lydia's office, helping, and Mrs. A. said she'd provide the kids' breakfasts for next Sunday. Also Lydia and Ava asked about old-fashioned goodie sacks to give the kids at the Christmas party, and said they'd provide the various goodies. So I said I'd decorate the sacks.
I was still there when Lydia was leaving for the day, and we made plans to meet for an early lunch tomorrow at the cafe. After she left for the day, Annie came to discuss some things with me about fundraising, ordering some supplies and some future plans. Everything took longer than I thought it would today, so I didn't get the Posada booklets ordered like I intended to. Speaking of the Posada, I still have to convince 6 more people to have a party on six of the nine nights. But things are shaping up. I felt better when I left than when I got there.
I made stew for dinner, and Amy, Zachary and Mathieu came by while I was starting to prepare it. Amy left the boys while she ran to the store, so they helped me add ingredients and stir it. I found a stew recipe on the internet and printed it out, so it actually tasted like stew this time - unlike when I made it a couple of weeks ago. When they left, they borrowed my new dvd of Christmas with the Kranks.
That's about it for today. I have a huge list of things to do and places to be tomorrow, though.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Your Birthdate: August 18

You are a cohesive force - able to bring many people together for a common cause.
You tend to excel in work situations, but you also facilitate a lot of social gatherings too.
Beyond being a good leader, you are good at inspiring others.
You also keep your powerful emotions in check - you know when to emote and when to repress.

Your strength: Emotional maturity beyond your years

Your weakness: Wearing yourself down with too many responsibilities

Your power color: Crimson red

Your power symbol: Snowflake

Your power month: September

Monday, November 14, 2005


Today has been a better day. I think I'll survive, but only time will tell. I went to Beeville today and picked up my medicine from the pharmacy, and loaded up on a couple of over the counter things for when it hits the next person. I stopped in Goodwill to look for boots, goat cheese making books and candlemaking books for a friend. They didn't have any of the books, but did have some boots. However since they were new or like new the price was way too high. I did find one pair of children's boots for the usual price of $3.99, and got them. I don't think they are the kind she is looking for though...if not I'll turn them into more mail art eventually. But then I have the pair I bought a couple of weeks ago. They may be more of what she's looking for, although they are children's sized too. The photo is of both pairs.
So Annie called today. She has someone who volunteered to provide breakfast for the students next Sunday.
Then she said, "Hey, you know those shoes and boots you had in your tree for Halloween?"
Me: "That wasn't for Halloween! That's for year around."
Annie:"......Oh....... Well, I saw a gray cowboy boot..."
Me: "Gray? They're all painted in pastels."
Annie: "Umm...well, maybe it was dark when I saw it."
Then she told me about a craft idea she had that she needed boots for. So that's why I looked for boots at Goodwill today. She's also planning to make some candles and hopefully goat cheese. I did get her a candlemaking book from eBay today. But no luck with goat cheese there either. Annie is our Number 1 fundraiser person for our religious education program. She is a real gem who is always ready to set aside her own things to help someone else. But I guess I can add her to the looooooooong list of people who just don't get my 'art'. ;)
In the month or two after I painted and hung all those shoes and boots from the crepe myrtle tree, no one said a word to me about it. One day a neighbor came over and was talking to me in the front yard. I could stand it no longer. I had to ask. "Did you see my shoe tree?" She said she had and asked if it was something for Father's Day. LOL! Nope! I just like it that way.

Sunday, November 13, 2005


I don't have a fitting photo for today, so I'll just use a sky shot from a week ago. Yesterday was the first day I have missed posting an entry since I started this blog. I took a long nap because I was feeling so bad, then when I was up, Zach had Stewart's computer, Stewart had mine, and so I was without. Oh, well. Nothing much happened to talk about yesterday anyway. Despite being sick I did manage to cook a decent dinner, surprisingly - since that doesn't often happen even when I am well.
This morning I woke up later than usual to get ready for Mass, and get to the classroom building early. But it all worked out okay. Two teachers had called this week, one last night, to say they wouldn't be here this Sunday. But since we were having Christmas program practice anyway, it wasn't a big problem. I just had the music director extend the time he'd be working with the kids. Which was good too, since he has been saying that he really isn't getting as much time as is needed. I had to leave a message on his machine last night. Then I called the remaining teacher but couldn't reach her. I distributed as many of the notes to parents as I could before Mass, so they could secure the date, and would be planning for costumes if they could attend, and let us know if their children wouldn't be able to participate.
It turned out I was the lector this morning, which I thought I might be...but in my foggy state, I couldn't remember for sure. I quickly looked over the readings last night, and saw they were ones I was very familiar with, so I did okay this morning, despite feeling crumby??....crummy???... Well, you know what I mean.
After Mass there was some confusion about CCD breakfast. Annie had signed up last week and had prepared Hot Pockets in the hall, since that is where we were going to be practicing. But then with me trying to distribute more of the parent notes, and the one teacher and one parent in the breakfast room not yet knowing we were relocating to the hall, the kids got two breakfasts. Oh, well. They enjoyed it. Next Sunday, it'll run smoother.
I felt really tired again this afternoon, so took a nap, again...and woke up with another headache and coughing more too.
Oh - more weird dreams: Last night I had yet ANOTHER dream about alien space craft. Sheesh! What gives with that?! It's not a subject I'm even interested in. But it was something about lots of small space ships in our town and me being outside kind of trying to sneak away. Some people were not 'themselves' any more, but their bodies were now taken over by the aliens. It was not really scarey, I don't think...just more of an aggravation. LOL! I guess that came from all the new tv shows this season. I don't watch any of them, but I do see the commercials.
Then when I took my nap, I dreamed that a friend and I were driving around in a nearby tiny town (only different), and we drove into this run-down cemetery. It only had two sectons - more like double rows or something. It was on the edge of a fallow or else harvested field. I had hidden a letterbox by the road, because she (friend) needed a hobby and I was trying to get her interested in letterboxing. I had set a letterbox by the road with a big rock on top with her name on it. I hoped she would notice it. We got out of the car and were walking in the cemetery which was pretty trashy and barren. I picked up two discarded full tubes of something. One I pulled some dead grass off of, and realized that the grass had been plugging a hole in the tube. The stuff in it started leaking out. I couldn't read the writing on the tubes, but for some reason, in my dream, I needed glue for something, so hoped it was some kind of glue. The macabre thing was that at the end of each of the two rows or sections of graves, were large piles of skulls and other bones. Not all of the skulls were human, but many were. In the dream this didn't alarm us too very much. Then we noticed that two men were locking the gate so I ran and waved my arms to stop them. They saw me, and opened the gates again and started walking toward us. As they came down the road, they were fighting and one was really pounding on the other. And yet, they appeared in jolly spirits. When we reached each other, I asked if they were county employees and they said no, that they were members of some kind of comedy troup. I showed them the tubes and asked if they knew what they were. They said (and now I could read the label on the large, leaking one) it was rat bait. So I put them down by the fence. My friend and I went to her car so we could leave, and I told her about the letterbox which was right by where we parked. I was going to pick it up before I got in, but instead of being marked with a rock, it was now marked with a block of wood with her name on it. And instead of a small plastic letterbox, it was a larger cube 'trunk'. Being leary of what was in it, since someone had changed it, I left it there.
Weird. I think the piles of skulls and bones came from a book I looked at last night about ancient burials. Where the rest came from I have no idea.

Friday, November 11, 2005


This photo was taken a few days ago, but as I type, Coconut is again playing in the box of newspaper shreds. She's such a good little dog, but a handful and then some to keep up with.
I'm sick. I've been sick for 3 days now...sore throat, major congestion, headache, etc. Stewart has it too. His started a day earlier than mine. I think we've decided to call off our early Thanksgiving dinner. He doesn't really want it, and I'm too draggy and sick to do much about it now.
I'm also way behind in my artwork. I haven't done anything since early October. I owe so many people!
I remembered late today that I had to pick up Patience-the-cat from the vet. So I called Amy to see if Zach could go with me, go in and get the mail, and drop my prescription off at HEB. So he did, and then we went to the vet, where I had to stumble in to pay and pick her up. The van was overheating AGAIN...or as usual, I should say. With the cat safely in her cat carrier in the van we went through the drive-through at Long John Silver's and got kid's meals for Zach and I, and one to take back to Mathieu too. Darn! They forgot our toys!
I think I'll go to bed for a few hours. I just feel so groggy.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Isn't this GORGEOUS! It's my November mail art from Kristin G.! I don't know what the pattern is called, but it has batting AND cardstock inside so it is perfect to hang on the wall, since it is sturdy and will keep it's shape. It would make a great mat too. THANKS, Kristin!!!
I took one of the cats to the vet today to be dipped and wormed. I had to come up with a name on the spot like I always do for these strays. So I named her 'Patience', since she had to wait the longest for her treatment. She got spayed when I was taking them all in, in rotation...well, as I could catch them and put them in the carrier, this spring/summer. It ticks me off that 'someone' is apparently trapping these cats and getting rid of them, after I spend money getting them fixed and healthy. Some of them have been our pets too, not just strays that become pets. Right now we have 4, (of the 8-9 that I got fixed), plus 6 that I think belong to the neighbors across the fence, but come here to eat too.
In relation to my post about Christmas lights yesterday, I was at Walmart today and found the larger, regular lights like I had in know - with the screw in bulb, not the tiny twinkly light type 'bulb'. I was getting a few boxes, when I saw the warning on the box. Apparently handling the cord is hazardous since it contains lead! You are supposed to wash your hands thoroughly after handling. Soooo... I put them back on the shelf! Darn! An electrical cord has lead that transfers to your hands?! I guess gloves would help...but then your gloves and anything you touch with them will have transferred lead, right? So now what? Back to candles?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


This is what was in my mailbox today - mail art from Corazon! On the back, Corazon wrote that this piece was inspired by my blog entry about all the wildflowers in the cemetery being cut down before they finished blooming and went to seed. THANKS, Corazon!
Also, for anyone who hasn't noticed, I have changed the settings on my blog where you can comment even if you are not registered with blogger.
I woke up this morning with a horrible sore throat, and headache, but it's gotten better as the day went on.
One of our teachers just called and won't be able to have her class on Sunday, so I'll need to get a substitute. But then Sunday starts the first day of rehersal for the Christmas presentation, too, so it should all work out easily.
Speaking of Christmas coming quickly, does anyone have suggestions for Christmas yard art? I think I'll try to put more lights this year...and then three or four arborvitae trees need replacing over at the cabin, so I could buy them now if they are available, and use them over here with lights on them. Other than the lights my criteria are: 1. Something evoking the true meaning of CHRISTmas...but not a large amount of pieces to deal with (like a Nativity set) 2. Something a little different, hopefully. 3.Something that is not a huge hassle. 4. Multi-racial or actually Jewish/Middle Eastern looking people is a definate plus. Blond haired, blue-eyed Holy Family? I think not.
I have a large, simple, lighted door wreath I really like, but my 2 ft.(?) lighted, little Black girl angel broke last year. Maybe the extra lights will do okay, but I'd still like to add ...something... to the yard for the Christmas holidays. Any ideas?


This is a note Shabree left on the refrigerator door, yesterday...and a drawing Zachary did a few months ago...AND last year's kindergarten photo of Ashlyn. Today was a mix of plumbers, forgotten keys, lack of sleep, puppy potty training, puppy terrorism, chauffering and exhaustion. Annie called me from the classroom building. She had forgotten her key and couldn't get in. So I went over there and opened a couple of rooms for her, left my keys for her to lock up, and helped her move a table from the breakfast room into her workshop/store. She and Loretta spent the whole day there, so Annie could get more ceramics painted in preparation for the Goliad festival this coming weekend.
I went to Beeville with Stewart because the car rental place finally had a car he wanted. Coconut(puppy) is tearing up things around here faster than I can put them out of her reach. And Shabree called tonight, crying, saying she'd had a bad headache since noon. Her teacher finally sent her to the school nurse, but she just had her sit down for awhile. And then by 9:15pm when she called me, she was still in pain, and also feeling sick at her stomach. All I could do was tell her to try to take an aspirin, and go to bed. Poor little girl. I wish she was still here.

Monday, November 07, 2005


Shabree's visit came to an end today. This is a photo of her setting up a 'Barbie' scene of a shopping trip. And of course we put Coconut in the photo too. I sent her back to Austin with a bunch of her regular dolls, some Barbie dolls, and one of the Barbie houses, and some miscellaneous other things too, including some of her outgrown toys for her two little sisters. Shayla and Shaleesa were asleep in the car when Roland picked up Shabree. The time was much too short, but she's probably going to get to come back over Thanksgiving week, and/or Christmas vacation too.
Stewart seems to have a cold, but was better this afternoon. He stayed busy all afternoon, and then went over to Reagan's so they could shoot at targets.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


This is a photo of our two oldest grandchildren, Shabree (Left)and Zachary (Right), and Zach's friend (Middle) who spent the weekend with him. It was taken this morning after we left the classroom building. They look none the worse for wear having 'camped out' the night before. They had started out in tents, but moved into the cabin, (with air conditioning, TV and VCR) since it was too hot to sleep.
We've had to turn the air-conditioning on again in the house too. It's been fairly miserable without it most days and nights, but I was trying to hang tough, so I could marvel at the low electric bill.
Today was a typical Sunday, with Mass and 'C.C.D.' afterwards, then home. I am so happy to have Shabree here for a couple of days. Right now she is in the dining room making Barbie/Wandette scenes. Jan and Don opted to leave for Houston earlier in the day to get the trip behind them. Stewart has been doing a little shopping and relaxing around the house. It's so good to have him home for awhile.
I took a long afternoon nap, and got up, with a headache, in time for dinner. Chuck grilled steaks. The dogs got the bones. I'm reading up on raw diets for dogs, and will probably give it a try as much as I can without it being a big hassle. It seems like it will be so much healthier.


Okay, enough with the cheesy 'days of the week' titles. This is some of the mail art that has come to my mail box in the last few days. The padded paper pumpkin iwth the fairy face painted on it is from Whitney T. in S.F.,CA. The cardboard pumpkin with the wooden star features is from Sue H. in TN. The two very nice postcards, which arrived in a clear envelope are from Vycki Angel in AL. Thank you all very much! Beautiful work!!!
I didn't go to the all-school reunion after all. Taking care of the puppy really kept me hopping all day. While sitting out in the backyard, babysitting her, Garrett heard her from over the fence and asked if I had a new dog. He came over to see her, then took her over to Marty's house for awhile, since they were all in the backyard.
Then Shabree called and said she was coming for the weekend...through Monday, actually. So we were thrilled. She arrived mid-afternoon. We went over to the cabin and to Reagan and Amy's, where Zach had a friend spending the weekend. They were going to camp out and so Shabree got her tent too, to join in the fun. Chuck was going to buy them dinner at DQ or Chisholm, and he got marshmallows for a marshmallow toast too. They rode horses, jumped on the trampoline and played with the goats and dogs. Mrs. White's grandchildren were visiting too, so they also came over and played.
Stewart got in from his 30 hour trip from Baghdad around 6:30. Reagan stayed and visited, then Jan and Don stopped by and stayed for a visit on their way back through from the reunion. Stewart made turkish coffee for everyone. Reagan stayed late too, but was going to take the kids on a snipe hunt when he got back home. ;)
It's been a long day, but a good one. I am beat! It's going to be an early morning tomorrow, and is after 1a.m. now. I should have been asleep hours ago.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


When Chuck came home from work today, he and Zach went to Beeville, where, in front of a store, someone was selling registered Jack Russell Terriers. He bought one for me, as a surprise. He got the only female they had. She already has her puppy shots, and her tail is docked. I haven't named her yet, but I have made a list of 15 names I am considering. Chuck wanted to name her 'Jumping Jill'. Um...NO! Zach suggested several, including 'Lady'. Again, NO! As you can see, she is mostly white, with just some tan covering most of her head and ears. She is so cute and sweet, and seems perfectly happy here.
So does anyone have a good name to suggest? I usually prefer people names for my pets, but surprisingly less than half the names on my list, including the frontrunner, are not people names.
Carl doesn't like her, but he doesn't seem to hate her too much either. She is not as wild and pushy as Buddha. She steers clear of him, and gives him no trouble. While she is bouncey and active and wants to stick with people all the time, she is not a whiner/crier and has a kind of fairy-like quality about her.

Friday, November 04, 2005


I managed to hide out today...never went anywhere at all. Tomorrow, however, I've got to go to the supermarket and get major groceries, then cook dinner over at Reagan and Amy's. Jan and Don are coming tomorrow for the weekend, for the All School Reunion, and it's just easier to get together for dinner over there, since the boys are there. Jan talked me into going to the reunion with them on Saturday. I didn't intend to go, but I guess now I have to. ALSO, Stewart will be arriving from Baghdad Saturday evening!!! :)
Tonight I've still got to wash the dishes and prepare the lesson for the high school and junior high classes for Sunday. It's not likely I'll get another chance. This is going to be a busy weekend.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Tonight's obligatory photo is of my third scarecrow of the season. I love that old, clunky, rusty bike. This is the second or third scarecrow to ride it, over the years. It has also served as a trellis for my alamo vine, and planter (before the large handlebar basket rusted off) for flowers. A few years ago, I mentioned in my newspaper column that I was looking for an old bike to use for a scarecrow display. A kind, elderly lady I've known ever since I was born, called and offered me this one that had been sitting in her garage for ages. I also received several 'anonymous' bikes that got 'donated' in my yard under cover of darkness on several different occassions. LOL!
I'm exhausted tonight. Today was a busy and tiring day. I just inexplicably ran out of steam early in the afternoon. I went to the parish office this morning to get some things done, then Lydia and I had lunch at the cafe. Afterwards we took a quick drive to the cemetery, so she could see it. I had to go to town too, and that took too much time for too little accomplished...and gave me a headache that I still can't shake. I cooked dinner to leave on the stove for Chuck, while I went to evening Mass and the parish council meeting afterwards. There is so much going on this time of year. All very good things, but would I be a Scrooge if I said I am looking forward to January, already? Tomorrow will be a better day. I am going to do my best to sleep late (Yeah, right!) and to not leave the house tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I intended to go out to the cemetery today and take a photo for Dia de los Muertos, but forgot. I was still recuperating from yesterday and last night. When I went to bed last night, every bone in my body ached horribly. This photo is of my daughter-in-law, Amy, in her 'Lucy' outfit with Mathieu, as Batman, beside her on my cousin's hayride/float. Since I couldn't be two places at once, I had to send my digital camera with Reagan to get Halloween float/hayride photos, while I kept my regular camera here for 'emergencies'. He did not take a single photo of the WHOLE float. Only pieces of it. Rats!
I haven't heard the official results yet, but I think I may have won the bragging rights to the most trick-or-treaters at my house, for this year. My final total was 121, Vickie's was 60-something the last I heard, and Ashley (in Florida) had 85. Laura hasn't reported in. Glenda never has but a few.
Tonight when I picked Zach up for Mass, Mathieu wanted to go too, so I took him. But he just wouldn't behave, so I ended up taking him back home during the sermon.