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Friday, November 18, 2005


Today started out really good. I felt like I might be truly getting over all this congestion, etc. So I stayed in my pjs and started right in, getting a lot of things done...fed the dogs, loads of laundry, dishes, made the cards to go with the turkey baskets, got Ashlyn and Alyson's Thanksgiving package packed, addressed and ready to mail, found some craft things I bought for Annie last Dec., got them and some canned food, some paperwork, some extra cornucopia stuffings, some boots that Annie wanted for a project, etc., etc. and loaded it all in the car. Then Lydia called and asked if I was coming to the office today. She and Annie had an idea they wanted to run by me. I said I was on my way as soon as I got dressed and mailed the package. I went over there and she and Annie had a great new fundraising idea. It will be fun to work on and very interesting too. We'll begin on it in January.
Bruno stopped by and helped Annie carry some stuff to the breakfast room. Ruben stopped in too. Then Rose came to work on some things.
So I got copies made and delivered to a classroom, spiffed up the large cornucopia and set it up in the church, tried to show Annie how to make angels from kitchen linens, but couldn't remember, proof-read the bulletin, folded the bulletins, fixed mistakes on the insert strips, then cut them apart. Annie helped me divide and add food items to the turkey boxes, only by this time I was feeling really bad again, so Annie mostly did it with just a little, listless help from me. I swept the office and part of the walkway, shuffled stuff around in my own office, looked for the Advent wreath stand, but gave up and wandered away before finding it, helped Lydia with some computer things, then came home and crashed, leaving the Advent wreath stand hunt to Rose. You'd think we'd have a hard time misplacing something that big every year. Well, before crashing, I did find the instructions to make the angels, which was enlightening, and I called San Antonio to order 20 additional Posada booklets.
Ashley called to ask me about thawing a turkey and told me how the girls' dental appointments went. Roy is in D.C. right now, but was home in Florida earlier in the week, and helped supervise Ashlyn's class field trip to the zoo. He was given 1 band-aid and put in charge of 5 first graders. He said he only had to use the band-aid twice.
Amy came by bringing teh 4-H pecans I ordered from Zachary. Chuck came home early and went to the bank to deposit his check, then came back, picked up Carl and went over to feed the dogs, horses and goats. He offered to buy dinner, but I'm not hungry. There is enough stew left for his dinner, anyway.
My chest is hurting something awful. I'm back in pjs, and drinking large glasses of water as per the advice of the nun who I talked to when I ordered the Posada booklets. I think I'll feed the cats and rabbit, finish up a little more laundry, take more medicine and call it a night. Tomorrow will be another productive day, I hope, and hopefully I'll feel a lot better.


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