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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


This is a note Shabree left on the refrigerator door, yesterday...and a drawing Zachary did a few months ago...AND last year's kindergarten photo of Ashlyn. Today was a mix of plumbers, forgotten keys, lack of sleep, puppy potty training, puppy terrorism, chauffering and exhaustion. Annie called me from the classroom building. She had forgotten her key and couldn't get in. So I went over there and opened a couple of rooms for her, left my keys for her to lock up, and helped her move a table from the breakfast room into her workshop/store. She and Loretta spent the whole day there, so Annie could get more ceramics painted in preparation for the Goliad festival this coming weekend.
I went to Beeville with Stewart because the car rental place finally had a car he wanted. Coconut(puppy) is tearing up things around here faster than I can put them out of her reach. And Shabree called tonight, crying, saying she'd had a bad headache since noon. Her teacher finally sent her to the school nurse, but she just had her sit down for awhile. And then by 9:15pm when she called me, she was still in pain, and also feeling sick at her stomach. All I could do was tell her to try to take an aspirin, and go to bed. Poor little girl. I wish she was still here.


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