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Saturday, October 29, 2005


Carl is just here to remind everyone that the change in daylight savings time is tonight. I'll have to turn the clocks back an hour right before I go to bed.
Today I put the third scarecrow upright again, and moved it over somewhat. I also picked up some junk from the front yard and threw it away. All the pots with nothing in them but dirt reminded me that my green thumb has turned purple the last year or so. I still have a lot of picking up to do not only in the front, but in the backyard too. I'm finally going to get rid of all those nursery pots I've saved forever.
I had Zach drag that interesting cedar stump, that I bought from an Amish man, a year or two ago, from the back deck to the front driveway. I stood it on the corner and put one of the pumpkins on the top. I should have taken a photo. I will try to remember to do that tomorrow. I also loaded my biggest pumpkin in the van and took it to the breakfast room when Zach and I went to Mass this afternoon.
I have been reading a lot today. I took up 'The Second Summer of the Traveling Pants', again, which I had started ages ago.


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