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Monday, October 24, 2005


This postcard is from Brenda, in answer to my pumpkin/jack-o-lantern mail art call. THANKS Brenda! It absolutely glows! :)
Sunday morning was busy as usual. I went to the classroom building early and took supplies, and got things distributed and organized. Then I went into the church for Mass. By that time, Chuck and Zachary were already there. Afterwards, the person who was supposed to bring breakfast forgot, so fortunately I still had some breakfast bars and peanut butter crackers for back up. Someone went out to get orange drink, and so that was breakfast for this morning. There were more kids there for my older students' class, and I tried to combine the lesson and the ongoing outreach crafting project, but it didn't work too well. But I am getting a little anxious that we need to be farther along with the project than we are now, so that was my reasoning. Tony, my assistant, wasn't there this morning. He had a family emergency out of town. He sure is missed when he's not there. Since there were more students, and we were working on the craft thing, I had 'class' in the conference room instead of my office. Things kept coming up where I had to go back and forth from the office to classrooms to the conference room for one thing or another. People kept coming in and needing something.
Then to top it off, we had a very large, extremely energetic four-legged visitor this morning. A HUGE weimeraner dog from the neighborhood was thrilled to see so much activity going on. He joined us for breakfast, until we had to close the door, and wanted to join the kids in the classrooms too. Our conference room door was open to the walkway because the air conditioner doesn't work effectively in that room, and so he joined us for craft time....and had a fit to eat the colored feathers we were using. I had to dig an icky wad of them out of his mouth at one point, when he bit a handful of them from the table and it became evident he was actually eating them, and not intending to spit them out. He did manage to eat two, though, over the course of the morning. His head was nearly level with the table tops, so we had to move the feathers and other items to the middle and try to keep him away from them. We did just get him out, and shut the door, but with people in and out, he kept charging back in. He is a sweet dog, in spite of his lack of manners, but I hope he is not planning to attend EVERY Sunday morning.


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