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Saturday, October 15, 2005


Today was a great mail art day. Buzz, Spanky, Rocko, Jocko, and Olive Oyl are impressed with the great ATC from Sherry L., that she sent in response to my Pumpkin/Jack-0-Lantern Mail Art Call. That's Rocko with his hand in the atc envelope getting the little sticker out. The atc is textured and the atc envelope is SUPER textural. Very rich and interesting. THANKS Sherry!
Today has been a really good day. I took Amy and Mathieu to lunch at Subway, and we went to the bank and Walmart too, where I got two pots of red mums, another pumpkin for Mathieu, the LARGE bags of dog and cat food, more Halloween candy, a Christmas Pack-O-Fun magazine, some cute light-up Tinkerbell pens for the granddaughters, and a Peter Pan one for Mathieu since he wanted one too.
(Just so you know I didn't leave Zach out, he got an unopened set of 12 National Geographic videos and a really cool vintage cowboy book from Goodwill yesterday.) I requested Zach's help after school today, putting the two scarecrows together (more about them when I get a photo taken), getting them dressed and staked outside. I had him get the Halloween/Fall/Thanksgiving decorations, etc. from the attic too, and we went through them and put some up. Then Chuck came home a day early and said he'd pay for dinner wherever we wanted to go get it, so Zach and I went back to town and got pizza....and also went back to Walmart for gloves for the scarecrows. Then I got him home in time to work his goats. Reagan, Amy and Mathieu were already sitting out there by the goat pens when we got there.
Well, a lot got done today both in the house, the yard and elsewhere. I am really, really sleepy, since I only got about 3 hrs. sleep last night.


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