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Thursday, October 06, 2005


These are photos of contrails taken this morning. Actually, it's the same 'lines' only farther along. Nothing too remarkable today... except that we got some much needed rain. Amy and Mathieu came over for a little while, and Mathieu and I watched a couple of the Sponge Bob cartoons from my new DVD set. He is crazy about pumpkins. Even last year, he was! He played with the miniature ones I have, and took one home. Anyone who, like me, is so attracted to pumpkins should have plenty of them. I plan to buy enough for both of us to have a bounty of them. ;)
Andrew and Samantha (and Buddha) came and picked up some of the new computer stuff from Stewart, that arrived by UPS and FedEx a few days ago. Two more boxes were delivered today, but those, I have to send to Stewart in Baghdad.
I called Zach this evening to see if he wanted to go to Mass with me, and he did. I took him home right afterwards, then returned for the parish council meeting. After that, I went over to sit in on Sylvia's high school class. It was going really well.
That was about it for my day.


At 10/07/2005 9:40 AM, Blogger Portia said...

Cool pictures! (I found you through my sister's blog.) (Nutmeg.) I never knew what those things were called. When I was little, I actually called them something like "plane poop", I think. As my mom would say, "Ever the lady!"



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