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Monday, October 03, 2005


This is Sunny. Shabree got him for Easter when she was 3. So that makes him 6 years old. He hadn't been inside in a long time, so I let him come in today. He has seemed a little 'off' lately and I was worried about him. It's probably the triple digit heat we've been having all summer. Poor 'wabbit'.
I'm feeling kind of down tonight for no real reason. I think this happens when I don't get out and do enough during the day, which kind of sets me up to be 'sensitive' at night. I did get a package put together to mail today, and sent off some mail art too. Fed the animals, worked on next Sunday's lesson, made a couple of phone calls, fielded a couple of phone calls and that was about it! My van is acting up again, and one tire looks bad, so I am hesitant to go to town unless I really have too.
One man called from across the country to compliment me on a newspaper story I wrote 4 years ago! Yes, 4! He talked a long time about his family genealogy research, DNA genealogical testing etc. It was very interesting.
.........paragraphs deleted stuff, lost stuff, kids, people not doing their jobs like they should, people not raising kids like they should.......
Sigh...yeah, another whiney blog entry.


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