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Monday, September 26, 2005


Cute or not? I say yes, but Carl (our dog) says, NO! Our youngest son, Andrew, came over today to do some weedeating, and brought Buddha along. He wants to play with Carl so bad, but is so boisterous. Carl, being 7, is not interested anyway. He had to put him in his place several times.
The junior high and high school class went very well this morning. I was pleased. We were pretty short-handed, though, because so many people evacuated and haven't returned yet.
I babysat Zachary and Mathieu for about five hours again this afternoon/evening. How did I ever manage with 5 children of my own? Two just about do me in, now. Of course, with my own, they went to bed early and had a regular day to day schedule.
Chuck's oldest brother called tonight to see if we were okay, or feeling any effects of Hurricane Rita. Then later, one of his sisters called too. My sister, Jan, called to say that they were okay. The phone service was just restored, but they were still without power and had been for two days, so far. The Lake Livingston dam, where they are (Coldspring) was starting to give, and everyone below it had been evacuated, but fortunately, the dam held. Thankfully, their house is above the dam. They are anxious to check on their house in Houston, too, but feel like it is fine. There were very few areas affected by power outages, and that is the only thing they are worried about - any perishible food. My nephew in Houston is fine - no power outages or anything. And my niece and her family in Louisiana are doing fine. A short power outage and lots of rain, but that's it. However, I do have a feeling we are not through with bad ones this season, yet.


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