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Monday, September 19, 2005


Okay, this ATC from months ago has nothing to do with anything that happened today, but I forgot to take a photo, and nothing out of the ordinary happened to jog my memory.
Mass this morning was wonderful. The church was full, and pre-school and elementary classes were busy and productive. Adelfa called right before I left the house, and said she wouldn't be able to teach this morning, because her mother called her in a panic. Her mother had two brothers and their families come in from Louisiana and she was cooking breakfast for them all, and trying to get them settled in. So Adelfa got Norma to substitute for her, and was going to help her mother.
We had several new registrations again this morning, and the Sotos served a delicious sausage and egg taco breakfast to all the students. The high school-junior high class was non-existant AGAIN this morning. This is the 4th Sunday of classes*****************...but, I really don't think that's going to happen.
I think I'll end up taking the junior high students on Sunday mornings, but it'll be difficult to have class and tend to director duties. And we'll have to squeeze into my office and have class there, albeit with interruptions. But at least it will be consistant. And anyone needing to talk to me longer than about 1 minute will have to come back after class time. Maybe I will just have to extend my time, to be in my office an extra half hour to an hour. Actually, I am pretty optimistic about the whole idea. At least it is a definate plan. And if something happens and the high schoolers are there, and there is no class for them, I'll include them too, and I guess we'll have to move to the conference room and Tony will have to hold down my office until after class. ;)


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