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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Lydia called this morning and wanted me to come into the office and help her. So after I paid bills, I did. Then we went out to lunch. After that, I took Nissa (our cat)to the vet. She has feline head mange - Gee! Many of the stray cats I feed, here, have it, so that's where she got it. Fifty-something dollars when I pick her up tomorrow, then about $19 a week until it's completely gone. I don't know if I should try to capture the strays and take them in too, or not... I went through that a while back when I had them all fixed.... and now we just 'acquired' 5 more cats - a mama cat and 4 nearly grown babies. They are pretty wild though. It never ends. This will cost me a small fortune.
I had a stuffed envelope of mail art items from Tim Scannell, in today's mail. Lots of cool stuff! Thanks, Tim!
I got some junk at the Goodwill Store today too. A lunch box to decopage (.99), some sets of art prints to alter (packages of 4, for $1.49 ea.) and a flat, wooden jack-o-lantern to alter (.49)
And here are two things I got at a garage sale the day I went to look for monikers on the sides of boxcars: A tiny coconut purse from Guam (.25) and a roll of ??? I forget what it's called...the stuff sequins are cut from (.10).
Shabree called tonight and talked for quite a while. It is SOOOO good to hear from her. We miss her terribly. But gosh - 10pm on a school night and she's still up and watching tv.


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