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Thursday, September 22, 2005


I don't know how well this too-dark photo will show, but it is a picture of our dog, Laverne, and her son, Hot Dog, (also on the couch) right after we got them in early January. The large dog in front of the sofa, looking at Laverne, is Carl. It was a rescue, and Hot Dog went to live with my grandsons. Laverne was my dog. She died today, and I am very, very sad.
If we evacuate tomorrow, which right now, is the plan, I won't be writing anything here until we return. Chuck is staying here with our cats and rabbit, and ours and our son's horses, goats and dogs. Carl (our dog) and I, and our son and his family are heading southwest, to a city where Chuck (DH) has an apartment, since he is working there currently.


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