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Friday, September 23, 2005


Hurricane Rita turned in a more northerly direction, so we didn't need to evacuate after all. I haven't been able to reach my sister, Jan, and brother-in-law from Houston for several days. Also tried calling my niece and her family in Louisiana, and can't get through there either. Worrisome...! The last I heard, my nephew was going to stay in Houston, and Jan and her DH were going to take his daughters with them if they had to leave. But, no word at all... I have a feeling they are stuck on the freeway somewhere. :/ There were reports of people being on the freeway for up to 18 hours, and cars running out of gas after only a few miles of movement and hours of wait.
Then ************ called me at 10pm from *********************************** was somewhere where ***** couldn't keep sight of ***. The phone connection was really bad, and we got cut off once, so I couldn't get all the details and *** couldnt get everything I was saying. I am so worried. I told *** to look around **** and BE CAREFUL, that a lot of the people might not be safe, and to stay right with ******************. Couldnt hear what the problem with that was... When I think of **** with all those people, so late at night, probably many of them drunk, I am so sad and scared.


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