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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Okay, so she's not Donald Rumsfeld or Condelezza Rice, but I bet I had a much more relaxing time. Lydia called me about 11am about some paper work, and so I invited her to lunch at the cafe...if she would come pick me up, since I STILL have a flat tire. Afterwards, I went back to the office with her and got a few things done.
Yet MORE packages arrived today for Stewart. I'll be glad when he lets me know about the mysterious change of address, so I can send on the ones that go to him. They are filling up my living room.
Today's great mail art was from Troy Thomas - "As Far As The Eye Can See" and "Golden Bars in a Box". THANKS, Troy.
This afternoon around 5:30 I noticed a rainbow from my window to the east. I ran out in the street to take a photo, but the rainbow was fading fast, and I didn't get a very good picture. I wish I would have noticed it sooner.


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