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Monday, October 10, 2005


I went to bed with a headache last night and woke up with one this morning...and it lasted most of the day to some degree - even through my 5 (yes, 5) hour afternoon nap. I frequently crash on Sunday afternoons. It seems like the previous week catches up with me then. The headache might have been allergy driven, since so many people were missing from Mass this morning, and most of the ones there had either swollen, red eyes, scratchy throats, or were coughing or sneezing. I guess something came in with our 'cold' front a couple of days ago.
Nothing out of the ordinary happened today, really...but then how would I know since I slept most of the day? Chuck took Zach to town and got him some new boots. He and I opened all of the packages that have been delivered here in the past week, and photographed everything in them, so I could send the photos to Stewart and he could decide what he wants me to send him, what stays here, what goes to Andrew and what goes to Reagan. So tomorrow, I have to repackage most of it, and send it to Baghdad.


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