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Thursday, October 06, 2005


I got some really great mail art today! First of all, from Kayley I got a fantastic drawing of two people on a horse! Notice the fancy framing she did around the outside of the picture. And she decorated the envelope creatively, too. I love children's art! Her mom, Carrie, drew a very nice mail box with flowers on the back of her business card. Then I got the latest of Pablo Wright's thought-provoking postcards - ("C Corporations, Consumption, Globalization - Businesses and advertising are major engines in promoting the consumpton of products. Globalization and trade agreements strengthen the political and economic power of multi-national corporations, in part because they shift decision-making from democratic politics to bankers and technocrats who serve transnational corporate interests. The More You Consume, The Less You Live.")
And, um...speaking of advertising and consumption *blush*, I got two more Happy Meal-Madame Alexander dolls today from McDonalds. These were #5 and #6. I am still 'needing' (yeah, right.) #3, then #7-#10. The other item in the photo is a potpourri oil lamp that Andrew's girlfriend Samantha made for me. Very cool!
Today Andrew called and wanted me to come pick him and Buddha (puppy) up so he could do some yard work here. I did and he got a lot of weedeating, weed pulling, and misc. stuff done. I got some watering, and weeding done too. Then I had to pick Zach up after school, since Reagan, Amy and Mathieu left early this morning to get two more show goats. From school, we went to town and took Andrew home, and went to McDonalds. We arrived home at the same time Reagan, Amy and Mathieu returned with the goats. That's about it for today.


At 10/07/2005 8:02 AM, Blogger Thorn said...

Thanks Wanda! It's fun seeing how creative Kayley can be, hope you liked my card? My idea of art! (hee hee hee)More MA dolls (sob!)..carrie

At 10/07/2005 10:25 AM, Blogger Wanda said...

Yes, I do! You are quite good at drawing, and I really liked the fact that it was on your business card. And Kayley's work is so creative and original. I worked on a drawing for her last night....and I need to get out the paints today to make your ATC.


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