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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


This is today's mail art! The jack-o-lantern is from Denis Charmot in France and the fluxus bucks, and other interesting papers are from Ex Posto Facto in Texas. Thank you both very much!!
Today I had to take a friend, who has a broken wrist, to the city to do some things she needed to do. We left first thing this morning, and had lots and lots of stops to make, and it was really, really hot. We went to her bank, a Goodwill store (diving flippers for my shoe tree!!!, and a book), Barnes and Noble (a book on Mother Angelica, a tiny garden gnome with a tiny book, and Somerset Studio magazine), Half-Price Books (where I made a little money), Academy, Petsmart, The Chinese buffet (yum!) and SuperWalmart. At least those were the highlights.


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