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Saturday, October 22, 2005


This is the photo of the other sides of the boots that I promised some readers that I'd post tonight. Nothing of note happened today. Amy and Mathieu came over. Amy searched eBay for some goat clippers (about $140 - OUCH!) while Mathieu and I had some art time while eating Halloween M&Ms. Chuck came home from work early. Normally, he doesn't work on Fridays, but today he did. Ashley, our daughter, called and we talked for a good while. I had to go to town again on some errands, which really wore me out. While I was at Walmart, I bought every Junie B. Jones book they had (Good grief! - who knew they'd have THAT many!!), since Ashley said that Ashlyn (our granddaughter) loooooves them....and she's having issues with the school library about their lending policy. ;) Then when I got home, Amy called twice, and then Jan, my sister, called and we talked and laughed for a long time. She says I'm really weird, and always have been...but in a good way. Imagine that! ;)


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