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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Today's mail art was this very well-executed collaged postcard, from Carrie, and this really cool 8"x10" painting on backed canvas from Natalie O. Thank you both very much!!!
We had our first actual cold front early this morning. The temperature dropped to about 68*, it was dreary looking, and I was COLD this morning. But by the time I had to go to town, the sun was shining and it was t-shirt weather again, thankfully. The wind blew my scarecrows over at the waist, for about the 20th time, so I gave in and bought some Gorilla Glue, and Reagan (#2 son) and I glued the 'pelvises' and shoulders this afternoon. At Walmart, I got more gloves for more scarecrows, so hopefully I'll get the last two that I have planned, done tomorrow. Hopefully. Reagan also replaced the two flood lights on the front of the house, that have been out for ages.
I got the box of books (12 Junie B. Jones books, an I Spy type book and an animal question and answer encyclopedia) mailed off to Ashlyn and Alyson, our granddaughters in Florida, today.
I almost had to go to Mexico with a friend tomorrow. She has to go, and doesn't like to drive alone, so asked me as a last resort, since she couldn't get in contact with the lady who was going to accompany her. Luckily, she did manage to find her later this evening, and she said she'd go, so I am off the hook. Actually, I am to the point where I 'need' (ha!) to go again, but I've been having so much trouble with insomnia lately, that leaving at 6a.m. and getting home around 5p.m. just seems like misery. I felt awful today.


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