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Sunday, November 06, 2005


Okay, enough with the cheesy 'days of the week' titles. This is some of the mail art that has come to my mail box in the last few days. The padded paper pumpkin iwth the fairy face painted on it is from Whitney T. in S.F.,CA. The cardboard pumpkin with the wooden star features is from Sue H. in TN. The two very nice postcards, which arrived in a clear envelope are from Vycki Angel in AL. Thank you all very much! Beautiful work!!!
I didn't go to the all-school reunion after all. Taking care of the puppy really kept me hopping all day. While sitting out in the backyard, babysitting her, Garrett heard her from over the fence and asked if I had a new dog. He came over to see her, then took her over to Marty's house for awhile, since they were all in the backyard.
Then Shabree called and said she was coming for the weekend...through Monday, actually. So we were thrilled. She arrived mid-afternoon. We went over to the cabin and to Reagan and Amy's, where Zach had a friend spending the weekend. They were going to camp out and so Shabree got her tent too, to join in the fun. Chuck was going to buy them dinner at DQ or Chisholm, and he got marshmallows for a marshmallow toast too. They rode horses, jumped on the trampoline and played with the goats and dogs. Mrs. White's grandchildren were visiting too, so they also came over and played.
Stewart got in from his 30 hour trip from Baghdad around 6:30. Reagan stayed and visited, then Jan and Don stopped by and stayed for a visit on their way back through from the reunion. Stewart made turkish coffee for everyone. Reagan stayed late too, but was going to take the kids on a snipe hunt when he got back home. ;)
It's been a long day, but a good one. I am beat! It's going to be an early morning tomorrow, and is after 1a.m. now. I should have been asleep hours ago.


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