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Saturday, November 05, 2005


When Chuck came home from work today, he and Zach went to Beeville, where, in front of a store, someone was selling registered Jack Russell Terriers. He bought one for me, as a surprise. He got the only female they had. She already has her puppy shots, and her tail is docked. I haven't named her yet, but I have made a list of 15 names I am considering. Chuck wanted to name her 'Jumping Jill'. Um...NO! Zach suggested several, including 'Lady'. Again, NO! As you can see, she is mostly white, with just some tan covering most of her head and ears. She is so cute and sweet, and seems perfectly happy here.
So does anyone have a good name to suggest? I usually prefer people names for my pets, but surprisingly less than half the names on my list, including the frontrunner, are not people names.
Carl doesn't like her, but he doesn't seem to hate her too much either. She is not as wild and pushy as Buddha. She steers clear of him, and gives him no trouble. While she is bouncey and active and wants to stick with people all the time, she is not a whiner/crier and has a kind of fairy-like quality about her.


At 11/05/2005 7:21 AM, Anonymous Ash said...

Adorable puppy Wanda...Jack Russels are so smart...but will chew up everything in your house if left alone!
Good luck naming her.


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