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Thursday, November 17, 2005


But which is which? This is a photo from last night...Carl and Coconut. He still doesn't like her getting too close to him, but she just won't give up. At least she's not yapping and biting him.
I got up early, but ran late all day, getting very little done. Day 2 of my headache is wearing me down. It ebbs and flows, but is there all day. Right now, it's pretty bad again. I guess it's from this congestion...sinus stuff.
Lydia and I had lunch today. Then I went on to Beeville and only had three stops, but the last one - Walmart - seemed to take forever. It was around 2pm, but there were so many loud, obnoxious people in the store, and big groups of people blocking up aisles in front of the very items I needed. I hate shopping. Or at least in the same places. (I want to go to Corpus Christi to Target, Barnes and Noble, Half-Price Books, The Catholic Shoppe, Family Christian Store, a different restaurant, World Market, Petsmart and Hobby Lobby.) Of course, on the day I do finally do that, I will be exhausted and sick of shopping for a loooong time. I haven't even started on Christmas gifts yet!
At Walmart, I did get a long list of things that I needed and kept forgetting to get...all dull things. Well, I finally did get the toxic, poisonous, noxious, hazardous-to-your-health Christmas lights, after all - two boxes. Hopefully we'll make it through to the New Year. (NOTE TO SELF: Wear gloves to put them up. Then wash the gloves immediately afterwards. Threaten grandchildren not to go near them.) And I put a BUNCH of those recordable Christmas ornaments in my cart, but at $7 each, thankfully I came to my senses at the check-out and only bought one. (Everybody, talk fast!)


At 11/18/2005 9:09 AM, Blogger Laura said...

Awww....look at those two. They'll be best friends before too long.


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